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Three To See on 1 May: Grotty, Baby Box, I Amdram

By | Published on Tuesday 24 April 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Grotty | The Bunker | 1-26 May
“Welcome to the desert. The London lesbian scene. A couple of little sad old basements that drip with sweat and piss. We sit, listening to second-hand pulsating noise coming from some gay boy night upstairs. And it’s a Wednesday. And it’s a night called the ‘Clam Jam’. Can you imagine being straight and going to a night called the ‘Cock and Hole’? The women in black. The best tables are marked theirs by a crowd of empty prosecco bottles. They sit there in their uniformed black, a deep rich black only lots of money can buy… and they are looking at you. They are not nice girls. But this is not a nice story.” Click here.

Baby Box | King’s Head Theatre | 1-6 May
This piece from Sleepless Theatre Company is another play on as part of the brilliant women-focused ‘Who Runs The World’ season at King’s Head Theatre, and it sounds fascinating, as well as promising to be darkly funny. It focuses on a sibling relationship whilst also delving into the rather thorny topic of female reproductive health, specifically the utterly hideous and often life-changing endometriosis. When women’s menstrual pain is just accepted, how is a young girl to know when she actually has a medical condition? And how might it affect her familial relationships? See this page here for more.

I Amdram | Camden People’s Theatre | 1-3 May
Hannah Maxwell, star of this story-telling performance, comes from a family who’ve been taking part in amateur dramatic performances for four generations, and that’s where the show’s primary theme comes from. “Utilising queer theory, degree-level practice-based research and a showstopper of a smile, I, AmDram minds the gap between the identities we assert and the worlds we leave,” runs the blurb. Piqued? Me too. Head this way.

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