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Three To See on 1 Oct: Beowulf, Tortoise & Rabbit, The Sandman

By | Published on Sunday 24 September 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Beowulf | Unicorn Theatre | 1 Oct-5 Nov (pictured)
“Beowulf, all-conquering monster-slayer, rock star, hero, looks back over a life and sees what? Bravery? Violence? Victory? Is there only one way to be a leader? Or is another world possible…?” A new adaptation of the epic poem, written by Chris Thorpe and set to an immersive metal and electro-infused live soundtrack. Sounds promising, huh? See the venue website here for info.

Tortoise & Rabbit | The Albany | 1 Oct
One for the families with young children out there, as it’s Sunday, a show with the classic theme of Tortoise versus Hare. The company behind this show promise a “fresh twist”, however, in an interactive, multi-sensory retelling featuring original music, puppetry, and bubbles… For all the details, see this page here.

The Sandman | Greenwich Theatre | 1 Oct
This sounds cool, a contemporary ballet inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson tale of Ole Lukøje with original score by composer Tim Mountain. It tells the story of a woman desperate to find good dreams for her ailing husband, and the bizarre beings she meets while attempting to locate them. Head this way for info and to book.