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Three To See on 10 Apr: Rob Auton – The Hair Show, Buried – A New Musical, 5 Encounters On A Site Called Craigslist

By | Published on Tuesday 3 April 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Rob Auton – The Hair Show | Soho Theatre | 9-14 Apr
You probably know that we love this guy – not least because we recommended a mere work in progress of his a mere 8 or 9 days ago – and here he is with a show that we saw and loved in Edinburgh last summer. We also gave him an award last year, and although it was for his body of work, not just this show, this show was one of the shows in that body of work. Are you still following? Good, head this way and book some tickets.

Buried – A New Musical | Pleasance Theatre | 10-15 Apr
“He’s a charming young professional. She’s a sarcastic thrill-seeker. After their first date, this young and fun-loving couple form a unique relationship when they discover something special they have in common: they’re both serial killers.” An acclaimed musical that won plaudits from the Edinburgh Festival critics, and from which you can expect a darkly comic script and a folk inspired score. See this page here for more.

5 Encounters On A Site Called Craigslist | Camden People’s Theatre | 10-14 Apr (pictured)
And talking of Edinburgh (which we have been doing, thoughout today’s tips, interestingly enough), here’s another show that wowed the Fringe when it was performed there in 2017. It’s a gently interactive and conversational play, and our own reviewer gave it full marks (5/5, or five stars, as some prefer to refer to it) and said: “It’s a beautiful piece, the kind of theatre that is visionary, purposive and unpretentious.” Lovely, see the venue website here for details.