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Three To See on 10 Nov: Clowning With Dr Brown-ing, Non-Binary Cabaret, Am I Dead Yet?

By | Published on Friday 3 November 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Clowning With Dr Brown-ing | Soho Theatre | 9-11 Nov
A trio of shows featuring that funny Dr Brown (aka Philip Burgers), who leads different and frankly quite awesome and absurdly talent-filled line-ups of comedy types in one of his “notoriously tough” clowning workshops. Yesterday you missed (or didn’t yet, because you might be reading this on Thursday) Jessie Cave, Tony Law and Simon Munnery, but tonight you can console yourself with seeing Evelyn Mok, Lou Sanders and Spencer Jones. If you can’t make it on the day I’ve told you to, you might perhaps consider tomorrow’s performance instead, which will be peopled by Bisha K Ali, Lucy Pearman and Sally Phillips. Click here for more.

Non-Binary Cabaret | Ovalhouse | 10 Nov
I think the title says it all really, so I am not sure what else to say. I’ll let them tell you all about it: “Non Binary Cabaret is a platform for performers and audience members to connect with each other’s individual stories, created by Ingo Cando for Wotever World. We create an intimate and cosy atmosphere as Non Binary Cabaret is a place for people to laugh, cry, educate and be educated.” Well, I’m sold. Head this way.

Am I Dead Yet? | Soho Theatre | 7-18 Nov (pictured)
“Death is no longer a moment. It is a process. A process that can be reversed.” Two friends talk about what happens when we die, about the way we think and feel about dying, and how some of us might be brought back… this new show from Unlimited Theatre is inspired by current developments in the science of resuscitation, created in collaboration with emergency care professionals, and is full of songs and stories about death. See the venue website here for details.