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Three To See on 11 Apr: Coconut, Tom Allen – Absolutely, Scene

By | Published on Wednesday 4 April 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Coconut | Ovalhouse | 11-28 Apr
“Meet Rumi, a British Pakistani woman who’s referred to as a ‘Coconut’ (brown on the outside, white on the inside). Born and brought up as a Muslim, Rumi spends more time enjoying fine wine and bacon than being at the mosque. When she meets Simon, a white guy, she hopes that his decision to convert to Islam will be enough to keep everyone happy. However, as Simon begins to explore his faith, Rumi’s world spins off its axis in ways she could never have predicted.” Sounds interesting, huh? See this page here for more.

Tom Allen – Absolutely | Soho Theatre | 10-21 Apr
We’ve loved Tom Allen for what seems like ever such a long time, because of all his lovely work up in Edinburgh to begin with. But now he’s all over the telly and you probably don’t even need me to tell you how funny he is because you’ll have witnessed it over and over again. Anyway, get booked sharpish, I reckon those tickets will be flying. Head this way to do just that

Scene | Camden People’s Theatre | 10-14 Apr
A play about two women who decide to write a play about their interracial queer relationship, dealing with their own history, and exploring ways in which their liaison has been shaped by racism and homophobia. This was much acclaimed at edfringe 2017, not least by our own deeply impressed reviewer, who concluded: “This incredible production asks more questions than it answers, demanding its audiences hearts and minds in the process.” For more information, see the venue website here.