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Three To See on 12 Dec: The Female Gaze and Other Stories, Beauty And The Beast, Man On The Moon

By | Published on Tuesday 5 December 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

The Female Gaze and Other Stories – Collection 2017 | The Cockpit | 12 Dec
Rich Creative’s sell-out feminist scratch night returns to showcase the work of four new writing talents, each covering a different and interesting subject. ‘It’ by Annabelle Rich studies the relationship between a young woman and her eating disorder; ‘Chitta Vritti’ by Francesca Tennant makes humorous points about mindfulness as central character Nat tries to find balance in her life; ‘A-Sexual-Being’ by Sophie Ablett depicts two girls with very different perspectives on sex as they create an unlikely relationship; finally, ‘The Circle’ by Emily Renée examines the effects of rape on a loving couple. For all the details, see this page here.

Beauty And The Beast | King’s Head Theatre | 11 Dec-6 Jan
A gender-flipped parody of the beastly tale, a new musical, brought to you by Fat Rascal Theatre and performed by a cast of five and an onstage musician: “She’s grotesque. A possessive beast of a woman, to be sure. But look on the bright side, Beau: she’s got a lovely personality. Somewhere. Under all the fur.” This sounds like promisingly festive fun, head this way for all the information.

Man On The Moon | Camden People’s Theatre | 12-13 Dec (pictured)
“Keisha communicates with her reclusive dad through books, letters and symbols. But when the letters stop coming she is forced to venture into his world. This truth-infused narrative sees the protagonist follow a trail of breadcrumbs that lead her a number of check-points: cultural displacement, religious confusions, political paranoia, misplaced masculinity and more.” Keisha Thompson presents this acclaimed piece that explores the effect that mental health issues can have on a family, specifically within the context of the Black British experience. See this page here for more.

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