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Three To See on 12 Jul: Bowjangles – The Legend Of Excalibow, Banana Crabtree Simon, Augmented

By | Published on Thursday 5 July 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Bowjangles – The Legend Of Excalibow | Underbelly Festival | 12 Jul
This is just my kind of thing: a combination of sketch comedy and brilliantly performed classical music. “They dance whilst they play. They sing whilst they play. They leap, tumble, juggle and joke whilst they play. Intrepid sketch string quartet Bowjangles present their most magical show so far- a theatrical, musical journey through myths, folklore, legends and a portal in a cello case in the quest to find the most priceless relic of all- a magical violin bow known as Excalibow”. See this page here for details.

Banana Crabtree Simon | Theatre503 | 12-14 Jul
“Alan has early-onset dementia. But it’s okay. Alan only has to remember three words, that’s all: Banana, Crabtree, Simon. They’re the three words that make sure he hasn’t gone completely doolally, despite what his wife and son think. Banana… Simon?” David Hendon’s recently premiered one person play, back on stage as part of the previously mentioned Catalyst festival. See this page here for more.

Augmented | Ovalhouse | 12-14 Jul (pictured)
A one person show from Sophie Woolley, who details her own experience, firstly of becoming deaf, and secondly of having a cochlear implant and therefore becoming a ‘cyborg’. As well as addressing the topic of what it’s like to hear again, it explores what happens to a person’s whole identity when the deafness that’s affected them for twenty years suddenly disappears. See the venue website here for info.