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Three To See on 13 Dec: Jayde Adams – Jayded, Breaking The Ice, Ugly Duckling

By | Published on Wednesday 6 December 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Jayde Adams – Jayded | Soho Theatre | 11-16 Dec (pictured)
Oh, I don’t know, you might already have booked your tickets because this woman has an award CV as long as my arm (and my arms are overly long, a bit like a gorilla), and you all probably know how great she is. If you don’t, be warned that she’s brilliant and hilarious, and will in this show be addressing the theme of popularity, and what its like when you struggle to fit in. And if anyone can make that funny, you’d better believe that she can. See this page here for more.

Breaking The Ice | Ovalhouse | 13-23 Dec
This week really are approaching peak children’s Christmas show time in London, and to reflect that, I accidentally selected two different pre-Yule treats for your small ones on one day. We start with this fab show for a younger age group – it’s recommended for children aged 2-6 – which tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a wild polar bear and a husky dog. We’ve tipped it before and I’d tip it again. See the venue website here for all the details.

Ugly Duckling | The Albany | 4-31 Dec
And so to our second recommendation for the youth of today. A traditional tale that they are probably already familiar with, brought to life in a physical performance accompanied by live music. As you’d expect, the company behind the show focus on the themes of the importance of identity and self-worth, taking the viewer on a “journey to discover inner beauty”. Click here for info and to book.