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Three To See on 13 May: Strife In A Northern Town, You’ve Got Dragons, Marry Me A Little

By | Published on Sunday 6 May 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are..

Strife In A Northern Town | Drayton Arms Theatre | 13 May (pictured)
This sounds interesting, though sadly is only on for the one night. Two performers – Tracy Gabbitas and Jennifer Banks – play lots of different roles each in this show telling the tale of a number of different women living in a town in the north. Their stories, at first seemingly unconnected, come together in what’s described as “a hilarious, fast paced tale of love, death, corruption, greed, betrayal, friendship, family and Latvian cigarettes”. See this page here for more.

You’ve Got Dragons | The Albany | 13 May
It’s Sunday, so maybe you’re looking for something to entertain your small ones…? If so, here’s a contender, one that deals with some important themes. The dragons of the title are metaphorical, and it looks like the show aims to help its audience with tackling them: “Dragons come when you least expect it. You turn round…and they’re there. Lots of people get them; bad dreams, swirly tummy, feeling prickly. And sometimes they make you feel alone. So, what can a young child with a bad case of the dragons do?” Click here for details.

Marry Me A Little | Drayton Arms Theatre | 8-26 May
“Two single strangers, left alone in their studio apartments on a Saturday night, pass their time with sweetly secret, unshared fantasies, never knowing that they’re just a floor away from each other and the end of their lonely dreams.” If you’ve not heard of it before, ‘Marry Me A Little’ is the 1980s musical that uses up leftover songs cut from a range of musicals by Stephen Sondheim. Well, I say 80s, I think there was also a later and different version. Either way, good news for fans of both Sondheim and musicals, head right this way.