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Three To See on 15 Dec: Mr Mineshaft, Milton Jones Is Out There, Bananaman

By | Published on Friday 8 December 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Mr Mineshaft | Camden People’s Theatre | 15-16 Dec (pictured)
An exploration of the life and work of black composer Julius Eastman, telling the story of his success, how his career was limited, and his fall into drug addiction and vagrancy. He was a virtuoso musician, composer, singer and dancer, but because of his frustration at the lack of opportunities given to him, as a black gay man, his personal life suffered and his physical and emotional health declined. A really sad story, but definitely one worth taking notice of. See this page here for more info.

Milton Jones Is Out There | Shepherd’s Bush Empire | 15-16 Dec
“Talking about his life so far – the ups, the downs and why buying his own see-saw was the best decision he ever made – it’s one not to miss.” You all know Milton Jones, and you already – probably – know whether you like his style or not, so I am not going to nag you – you decide for yourself when you are good and ready – but I will sleep well tonight, knowing that I have let you know that these dates are upcoming, and that I gave you this direct link so that you could go book your tickets right away.

Bananaman | Southwark Playhouse | 15 Dec-20 Jan
One for families, or people about my age for whom this will be a childhood TV flashback nostalgia extravaganza. This new musical is, as you might expect, about the above mentioned slightly useless fruit-scoffing superhero resident of 29 Acacia Road, and I really hope it’s as entertaining as I remember finding the TV version back in the eighties. Small ones may not have heard of Bananaman yet, but fingers crossed, this will be a great introduction. Click here for details.