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Three To See on 15 Sep: Pecs – The Gender Agenda, Dolphins and Sharks, Man to Man

By | Published on Friday 8 September 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Pecs – The Gender Agenda | Camden People’s Theatre | 15 Sep
“Unless you fuck in a vacuum, sex is a gendered experience. How does your idea of your own gender change when you let someone else explore your body? What is gender when it comes to sex, and does it matter?” Drag king collective Pecs invite you to another instalment of their exploration of sex and gender aimed at the queer and the curious, following their workshop performance at CPT’s Hotbed Festival earlier in the year. This is on as part of another festival, the previously mentioned Come As You Are. Click here for info.

Dolphins and Sharks | Finborough Theatre | 12-30 Sep (pictured)
This is the European premiere of acclaimed up and coming US playwright James Anthony Tyler’s comedy set in a Harlem copy shop and focusing on three employees with poor prospects, all competing for the chance to become manager. As you might expect, friendships are tested, and tensions become high. See this page here for details.

Man to Man | Wilton’s Music Hall | 12-23 Sep
Manfred Karge’s play tells the story of Ella, a woman who must adopt her deceased husband’s identity in order to survive in Nazi Germany, depicting a life dominated by fear. This new English adaptation by Alexandra Wood promises to be all consuming, confronting the horrors of this period in history from a highly personal and unique perspective. Head this way for more.