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Three To See on 16 Feb: One Item Only, Angry, The B*easts

By | Published on Friday 9 February 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

One Item Only | Ovalhouse | 16-17 Feb (pictured)
There’ve been lots of plays and events of late dealing with the topic of refugees – what they’re fleeing from, their journeys, what happens once they try to start a new life. This one’s aimed at children, though, and I haven’t come across many of those. The hero at the centre of this show’s story must make a journey across continents and must travel light – if you could take one item only, what item would you take? Very tough decision, see the venue website here for details.

Angry | Southwark Playhouse | 14 Feb-10 Mar
“A spaceship hurtles towards a black hole. A book-loving couple flee a burning city. A bloodshot eye conjures up kisses and wild animals. The world premiere of Philip Ridley’s ‘Angry’ is a menacing, magical, and darkly comedic collection of stories that vibrate with the lingering unease of our times,” announces the blurb. The production has an interesting approach to the material, which consists of 6 monologues, all intended to be gender neutral, see this page here to find out more.

The B*easts | Bush Theatre | 12 Feb-3 Mar
A show that caught our attention when it was on in Edinburgh in the summer, ‘The B*reasts’ was written and is performed by Bafta winning actress Monica Dolan, and won much critical acclaim during its Fringe run. The show addresses an important issue with a fairly dark and hard-hitting storyline, dealing with the sexualisation of children, the pornification of our culture, and the way contemporary media and society pressures everyone to have the perfect body. Head this way for info and to book.