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Three To See on 16 Feb: Summer Nights In Space, Villain, Todd & God

By | Published on Thursday 9 February 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Summer Nights In Space | Vault Festival | 15-19 Feb
“Astronaut John Spartan has finally made it into space – only to discover that it is not all he had hoped. Stuck onboard with a ferocious alien and a moody computer, the reluctant crew of Auxiliary Transport Shuttle 4 must stave off Space Madness and work together to survive in the void.” It’s a glam rock science fiction musical, which sounds fun, doesn’t it? How can you possibly turn it down? See this page here for info.

Villain | King’s Head Theatre | 9 Feb-4 Mar
This is another one of those shows I know about because it was a bit of a hit up at the Edinburgh Fringe, and it had a big impact on our reviewer, who declared it to be “timely, relevant and deftly crafted”. Beautifully written and directed by Martin Murphy, and powerfully performed by the talented Maddie Rice. See the venue website here for more.

Todd & God | Vault Festival | 16 Feb (pictured)
This is a new piece from award winning creative Richard Marsh (he co-wrote ‘Dirty Great Love Story’, currently on at The Arts theatre, amongst other things, and is also a slam champion) and though this is a scratch night, I think you can expect very good and entertaining things, and that slightly smug sense of being in at the start of something fabulous. It’s about a slacker atheist becoming the chosen one, which sounds intriguing. See the Vault website here for details.