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Three To See on 16 Jan: The Claim, So Many Reasons, Enter The Dragons

By | Published on Tuesday 9 January 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

The Claim | Shoreditch Town Hall | 16-26 Jan
“Serge stands before us. He has a performance to give. But why is he here? What is he claiming has happened to him? And what has Willy Wonka got to do with it?” A comical but searching exploration of the bureaucracy and prejudice met by those seeking refuge in the UK. For more information and to book tickets, see the venue website here.

So Many Reasons | Camden People’s Theatre | 16 Jan-3 Feb
The talented Racheal Ofori, who you’ll remember from her previous show ‘Portrait’, returns with this piece about the influence mothers have on the way we understand, from the perspective of a first generation British Ghanaian woman. The show, part of the previously trumpeted Calm Down Dear festival, promises to explore cultural and generational shifts, religion and sexuality, and what happens when we realise mums don’t always know best. Click here for details.

Enter The Dragons | Camden People’s Theatre | 16-17 Jan (pictured)
And yet more (yes!) from the Calm Down Dear festival, this time “an award-winning, funny, frank and fearless show about the pressures facing women as they age.” Threatens to “unashamedly subvert prevailing ideas about beauty, sex and feminism in 60 minutes of action-packed, hilarious, tightly written performance”, and I can’t wait. For more, head right this way.