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Three To See on 17 Jan: Somber Sloughing etc, Still Ill, Lucy Pearman – Maid Of Cabbage

By | Published on Wednesday 10 January 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Somber Sloughing etc | The Place | 17 Jan
Another event from the previously tipped Resolution 2018 festival of new dance. This one involves a collection of different pieces: Le Mirabellier’s ‘Somber Sloughing’ evoking the journey of a transformation; J7s Dance Company’s ‘The Other Self’, a depiction of the emotional and physical states one goes through in forming a new relationship and Rugged Estate’s ‘Occupation: RUGGED’, which explores the creators reasons for doing krump (a form of street dance, if you’re not sure what that is). More info here.

Still Ill | New Diorama | 16-27 Jan
“As common on neurology wards as MS, Functional Neurological Disorder looks and feels like a problem with the workings of the brain. Sufferers experience disabling symptoms that range from tremors to seizures and from blindness to paralysis, all with no physical cause.” TW favourite Kandinsky bring back their acclaimed show about what it’s like to be suffering from an illness with no apparent physical root. See this page here for details.

Lucy Pearman – Maid Of Cabbage | Soho Theatre | 16-20 Jan
Our reviewer loved this show when she saw it at last summer’s Edinburgh Festival, and wrote a glowing review praising Ms Pearman’s surreal and energetic style. The premise: appointed by Lord and Lady Wind, the titular maid is tasked with finding a perfect cabbage, and hilarity will, I guarantee it, ensue. Plus, the publicity shot makes me laugh. Book your tickets, here.

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