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Three To See on 17 Jul: Wil Greenway – These Trees The Autumn Leaves Alone, Invisible Light, Sisterhood

By | Published on Tuesday 10 July 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Wil Greenway – These Trees The Autumn Leaves Alone | Soho Theatre | 16-17 Jul
We adore Wil Greenway, for a few years now he’s been a serious favourite with our Edinburgh team, and this show (which I haven’t seen) looks great: “This show is about courage and cowardice. It is about the number 11 tram. It is about a cat. It is about a man named Ernie. It is about a proper Melbourne autumn storm. It is about being brave when you’ve been alone. It is about being together.” This is the second of two nights only, so head this way quickly to book your tickets.

Invisible Light | Tristan Bates Theatre | 17-21 Jul
“Welcome to 2018. We’re surrounded by opinions, expectations, judgment and Sky News. America is run by a clown, the millennial generation is doomed to lead an unfulfilling life and social media is becoming the only way people choose to communicate. The seemingly ‘powerful’ steer young hopefuls towards xenophobia and away from collaboration and uncovering their full potential. So, what happens when some find the courage to speak their truth, shine their light and show the world who they really are?” A collection of seven scenes by up and coming writers, see this page here for more information.

Sisterhood | Omnibus Theatre | 17-18 Jul (pictured)
A new interactive multimedia show from Jolie Booth, creator of well received one woman show ‘Hip’, which juxtaposes the witch trials of the 16th century with the experiences of women dealing with our contemporary political and environmental climate. Three women awaiting trial tell their stories, and in doing so examine issues of gender, fertility, sexual assault and where the future will take us. Head this way for details.