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Three To See on 2 May: Paul Duncan McGarrity – Ask An Archaeologist, The Gap In The Light, Becoming Mohammed

By | Published on Tuesday 25 April 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Paul Duncan McGarrity – Ask An Archaeologist | Camden Comedy Club | 2 May
Funny, informative and interesting, which is pretty much my favourite thing, and well received at the ye olde Edinburgh Fringe, so coming close to ticking every one of my boxes. “Set in a wigwam dressed up as a viking drinking hall, on the roof of a pub, Paul will answer some of your questions about life as an archaeologist. It may be rude, it will certainly be crude, but we will all be protected by context (probably).” See this page here for more.

The Gap In The Light | New Diorama | 2-17 May
In this psychological thriller Engineer Theatre Collective explore what it is to be truly afraid, through the story of two climbers making a journey to somewhere they don’t belong, what they encounter in the dark, and the effects of what they bring back with them into the light. “How far do we have to fall, and who will catch us when the rope snaps?” Click here for info.

Becoming Mohammed | Pleasance Theatre | 2-21 May
This new play, written by Claudia Marinaro and inspired by the experiences of the show’s director Annemiek van Elst, explores what it takes for a Western man to become a Muslim. When central character Sara sees her brother after a long time, she is surprised to find him sporting a beard, getting up at the crack of dawn and dating a young woman in a hijab, but she’s yet to hear the full story of his conversion. See the venue website here for details.