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Three To See on 2 Nov: Trygve Vs A Baby, Busking It, Ugly Chief

By | Published on Thursday 26 October 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Trygve Vs A Baby | Battersea Arts Centre | 2-4 Nov
Fans will need little or no introduction to the brilliant and acclaimed performer that is Trygve Wakenshaw, so I dare say you are already speed reading to the end of this tip just to click on that link to sort out your tickets. Those of you who do need an introduction: he’s an enormously talented physical comedian and in this show he appears alongside his own progeny to discover what’s more entertaining – a world famous mime, or a standard baby? Here’s that link.

Busking It | Soho Theatre | 2 Nov
In this peice written and performed by Danusia Samal, a busker telling her story and takes you on journey, over the course of a year on the London underground, to witness weird and wonderful people and unseen stories. It’s inspired by a decade of busking on the tube, and explores loneliness, love, music and reaching one-another. See the venue website here for more information.

Ugly Chief | Battersea Arts Centre | 31 Oct-18 Nov (pictured)
β€œIn 2013, Mike was diagnosed with a terminal illness so Victoria organised the funeral service of his dreams. A year later, doctors realised they had misdiagnosed Mike but they are going ahead with the funeral anyway… and you’re invited.” The always excellent Victoria Melody teams up with her dad (celebrity antique dealer – see that David Dickinson show) for this living memorial that takes a darkly comic look at the relationship between grown up kids and and their parents. Details right about here.