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Three To See on 20 Jan: Nothing To Say, Lord Of Thrones, Dollywould

By | Published on Friday 13 January 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Nothing To Say | Jacksons Lane | 20-22 Jan
“There are ghosts in the wardrobe, socks fly, umbrellas rain. You’ll see playful mirrors, hear telepathic pianos and silent music. There are surprises everywhere. Leandre’s house is filled with optimism, laughter and enchantment. You may never want to leave.” This chance to see acclaimed Spanish clown Leandre Ribera in action is part of that much tipped London International Mime Festival I keep banging on about. Head this way to stand a chance of a ticket.

Lord Of Thrones | Wilton’s Music Hall | 20-22 Jan
Anyone for a fifty hour Tolkien/George RR Martin-themed improvathon? I am challenging you to stay awake that long because I know you are strong enough to get through this, well, if you’re young and energetic and don’t have a day job to go to on Monday. The rest of you, don’t worry: if you don’t want to be there for the whole thing, no-one will think any the less of you. You can buy a ticket for two hours of it, at a cost of £10, or you hardcore types can get a full shebang pass for £65. Find all the info here.

Dollywould (work in progress) | Camden People’s Theatre | 20-21 Jan (pictured)
TW absolute favourites Sh!t Theatre head to CPT with a new work in progress, and so I am, as ever, very excited about what the pair’s brilliant brains have been coming up with lately. This time Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit take on the topic of Dolly Parton, because – and I quote – “they fucking love her”. Hurrah, see the venue website here for details.



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