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Three To See on 20 Nov: The Wunderkammer, Glass Splinters, Action At A Distance

By | Published on Monday 13 November 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

The Wunderkammer | Soho Theatre | 20 Nov (pictured)
Excellent improv lot Do Not Adjust Your Stage bring their fab Wunderkammer shenanigans to Soho Theatre for the evening. If you’re not familiar with the MO of the show, expect a fairly unique format in which the company take their inspiration for their improvisation from TED-style talks from leading experts of all kinds. The guest on this occasion is  film critic Helen O’Hara of Empire Magazine, talking about superheroes in film. Details right about here.

Glass Splinters | Pleasance Theatre | 20 Nov
A collection of new writing pieces inspired by women’s stories, and written and performed by female theatremakers. There are nine different plays, including ones with some rather high profile historical characters at the core – the likes of Boudicca, Cleopatra Eva Braun and Ruth Ellis. See the venue website here for info.

Action At A Distance | New Diorama | 20-21 Nov
“In a small Nevada town, out-of-work plumber Chris stumbles across Josh, a charity worker exposing the truth behind US drone strikes in Syria and Iraq. Her fascination with his world and determination to win his approval sends her down a path towards desperation, obsession and the darkest of ethical dilemmas.” Another Edinburgh success story (quite a few make it to London around this time of the year, don’t they?) for your delectation. Click here.

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