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Three To See on 21 Mar: Undermined, Dark Vanilla Jungle, The Fatherhood Project

By | Published on Tuesday 14 March 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Undermined | Wilton’s Music Hall | 21-25 Mar (pictured)
“One man, one chair and one pint, that is all that is required to tell this epic tale of the brave men and women who stood up and fought for what they believed in.” A take on the miner’s strike of 1984, bringing together the political and the personal, based on true stories and written and performed by Danny Mellor. See this page here for all the info.

Dark Vanilla Jungle | Theatre N16 | 21-31 March
Philip Ridley’s 2013 monologue gets an airing, and why not, given the very contemporary and pertinent themes the play tackles. In the typically gritty and dark style of the playwright, it tackles a grim subject – the grooming of young girls by older men, and the resulting damage and abuse. For more details, click on this link here.

The Fatherhood Project | Camden People’s Theatre | 21 Mar
Another show from CPT’s excellent Sprint line up now, this one a work in progress. I’m really interested by the themes of this show, which asks questions about why men are in so many ways not viewed as the ‘default parent’ – why are they less likely to get custody of children? Can men be trusted as carers, or should we just leave things the way they’ve been for years and years? An examination of gender equality, and expectations. See the venue website here for more.

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