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Three To See on 23 Jul: Character Solos, Reading Gaol, Karunesh Talwar and Sumit Anand

By | Published on Monday 16 July 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Character Solos | Tristan Bates Theatre | 23 Jul
This definitely sounds like my sort of show, and I know plenty of people out there will be interested by it too: “A collection of solo stories: poignant, funny and moving mini-plays invented, written and performed by each actor. Each ‘Solo’ delves into a new Character’s life in one very potent moment. Each piece will transport us to a new world and tell a new story.” See the venue website here for more.

Reading Gaol | Theatre N16 | 23 Jul-2 Aug
I am pretty sure you’ll know whose work this is based on, but it also features the writing of a number of contemporary creatives, interspersed with Oscar Wilde’s original words. “From the grime of Victorian England to the Forests of Africa and back, this production tells a story which goes from the depths of one man’s black heart to the brightest hopes of another in a hopeless quest for salvation.” See this page here for info and to book your tickets.

Karunesh Talwar and Sumit Anand | Soho Theatre | 23-28 Jul (pictured)
Two of India’s best loved comedians join forces for these dates at Soho Theatre: Sumit Anand, whose comedy “explores his daily life – daydreaming and wondering about his body, growing up in a village in India and thinking it’s a town, and of course polar bears”; and Karunesh Talwar, who “gets annoyed easily and often, he does stand up because that’s the only place anyone’s willing to listen to him rant about the state of the world”. Head this way for details.