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Three To See on 24 Apr: Broken, Big Bang – Common People, Bismillah! (An Isis Tragicomedy)

By | Published on Tuesday 17 April 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Broken | Old Red Lion Theatre | 24 Apr-12 May
This, I know, has been on at edfringe, and while I can’t quite remember when, I do remember hearing some good things about it. It offers an interesting take on the topic of romance, in that it’s a play written in Shakespeare-style verse, but juxtaposed with slightly more, er, graphic language and the setting of contemporary London. More information and ticket-bookery right about here.

Big Bang – Common People | Camden People’s Theatre | 24 Apr
Hurrah, another Big Bang night over at Camden People’s Theatre, this time as part Common People: The Working Class Theatre Festival, which I think we’ve mentioned a couple of times already. If you’re not aware of what the Big Bang nights are, I will briefly explain that they are collections of new, in progress, utterly fresh stuff that are almost guaranteed to be fabulously successful when they get rolled out on their own at a later date. Why miss that? Head this way.

Bismillah! (An Isis Tragicomedy) | Pleasance Theatre | 24 Apr-13 May (pictured)
“Dean joined the Army, ‘Danny’ joined the Islamic State. One’s from Leeds, the other’s from London. Brought together in a holding cell in Northern Iraq, as captive and volatile guard. They discuss the North/South divide, reminisce about dead-end jobs they couldn’t escape, lampoon the outrageous ever increasing price of a standard airport meal deal – all the while circling an awful terrifying truth – that both of them just want to go home.” If you missed this show’s recent critically acclaimed run at Vault Festival, here’s ample chance to rectify that situation. See this page here for more.