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Three To See on 24 Oct: Forgotten, No Direction Home – Zugunruhe, Going Places

By | Published on Wednesday 17 October 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Forgotten | Arcola Theatre | 23 Oct-17 Oct (pictured)
“1917. Shandong Province, Northern China. Times are tough in Horse Shoe Village. Old Six and Second Moon struggle to earn enough to feed their young child. Big Dog struggles to overcome opium addiction and for Eunuch Lin, the fall of the Imperial Dynasty couldn’t have come at a worse time. Could a fierce war far away in Europe present an opportunity to put both themselves and their struggling nation on its feet?” A very promising looking play, see this page here for more info.

No Direction Home – Zugunruhe | Camden People’s Theatre | 23-24 Oct
Interesting word that, isn’t it? Zugunruhe? And since you’ll clearly want to know what it means, I googled it for you. It is German compound word consisting of Zug and Unruhe, and in ethology “it describes anxious behavior in migratory animals, especially in birds during the normal migration period”. Meanwhile, this show “explores the incredible flight of a marsh warbler, the world’s only bird whose song echoes its migration route”. Details on it right about here.

Going Places | Battersea Arts Centre | 24 Oct-3 Nov
Right, this is a series of events, not just one event so I will start by urging you to check out the venue website to see the full schedule. It’s a short season of shows, workshops, talks and installations in celebration of National Care Leavers Week 2018, which takes its name from the words of a poem by Lemn Sissay: “I think I’ll paint roads on my front room walls to convince myself that I am going places”. Head to this listing here for all the info.