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Three To See on 25 Apr: Eurohouse, Drawn In, The Lounge

By | Published on Tuesday 18 April 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Eurohouse | Ovalhouse | 25-29 Apr
This award nominated piece sees two performers – one Greek and one French – dancing, shouting, crying and singing as they agree and disagree about life in the ‘Eurohouse’. The excellent and innovative Fellswoop Theatre are behind this production, which is on tour following a well received run at the Edinburgh Fringe last summer, and probably has added interest given our current status within the European Union and that we are now looking at it with one foot out of the door. See the venue website here for more.

Drawn In | Tristan Bates Theatre | 25-26 Apr
In this “show-with-no-words”, an office drone gets sucked through his computer screen into a locked room, and doesn’t know how to get out, though he does have a pen, a board, and a cryptic set of instructions, and can make anything he draws into something real. Another piece of solo work from TBT’s First Festival, and it sounds incredibly interesting. See this page here for details.

The Lounge | Soho Theatre | 25 Apr-20 May
“In a care home lounge somewhere off the A1, 97 year old Marsha Hewitt begins the last day of her life. But she cannot go quietly. As the radiators burn and Jeremy Kyle blares, rivalries, relatives and murderous impulses jostle for space on the Axminster carpet. By teatime, a riot is brewing.” The brilliant and award winning Inspector Sands explore the themes of how we age, and how we cope (or fail to cope) with it. For more info, click this link here.

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