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Three To See on 25 May: Rufus Longbottom And The Space Rabbit, No Way Out, Nathan Cassidy – If I Caused The Financial Crash Of 2008

By | Published on Friday 18 May 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Rufus Longbottom And The Space Rabbit | Stratford Circus Arts Centre | 24-26 May (pictured)
“When Space Rabbit’s planet is destroyed by a meteorite, she escapes in the nick of time. A blast separates her from her family, sending her hurtling towards earth, where she lands outside a care home, frightened and alone. Inside is Rufus Longbottom, an old gentleman itching for one last adventure. Guided by her magical paws, the unlikely pair go on a journey which takes them to the ends of the earth in the search for a family and a place to call home.” Fun sounding show for small ones, info here.

No Way Out | Camden People’s Theatre | 24-26 May
“Three characters are locked-in a toilet, an accidental purgatory where they examine their fate; figuring out what it really is to be a woman.” An intriguing-looking show in challenging the female stereotypes enshrined in classic and modern literature and media, provoking a dialogue about feminism, the stigmas associated with it, what it is to be female and the gap between reality and representation. See the venue website here for details.

Nathan Cassidy – If I Caused The Financial Crash Of 2008 | Camden Comedy Club | 25 May
TW favourite Nathan Cassidy turns up at the Camden Comedy Club today to perform his latest show, in which he details just how he caused the crunch. It’s true, that’s what his blurb says, look: “ex-banker Cassidy exposes the secrets behind the 2008 financial crash. It was all down to him. If he did it.” Well, whatever he did, it will be funny hearing about it so head this way to find out more. He’ll be performing the set at other locations in the coming weeks too, so if you can’t make this performance, you should check out his website for other dates.