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Three To See on 27 Jun: Jellyfish, Suitman Jungle, Nocturne

By | Published on Wednesday 20 June 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Jellyfish | The Bush Theatre | 27 Jun-21 Jul (pictured)
“’I know what people say. How they treat us. But that’s their problem. No one else should give a fuck.’ Kelly likes dirty jokes and finding creatures washed up on the shore. Neil likes Kelly, who makes him dizzy and breathless. But Agnes, Kelly’s mum, struggles to accept their new relationship.” A seaside town based tale about coming of age with Downs Syndrome that poses some important questions, and stars Sarah Gordy, who you may well have seen on the telly. See this page here for more.

Suitman Jungle | Roundhouse | 27 Jun
Yes, yes, yes, we’re heading back Roundhousewards for another pick from The Last Word Festival, this excellent sounding show from percussionist Mark Pell that combines live drum ‘n’ bass, jungle beats and spoken word, and is about the day to day grind in a moody, chaotic city. See this page here for details. Oh, and if you really fancy seeing this but can’t make it, it’s also on at The Albany tomorrow.

Nocturne | The Albany | 27-29 Jun
And speaking of The Albany, here’s another show on at The Albany, and one that’s part of another festival, Lift 2018. “Starting at dusk and ending at dawn, Nocturne is a journey into the wild side of the city and the creatures that reside there. As the sun sets and darkness forms audiences are invited to disappear into the underworld, slipping through the concrete and electricity, streetlights and supermarkets in search of something other. Within the shadows and undergrowth we are drawn a stranger and less familiar place where perspectives shift on our urban landscape.” Head this way for info.