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Three To See on 27 Nov: A Christmas Carol, Improvised Therapy, Next

By | Published on Tuesday 20 November 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

A Christmas Carol | Greenwich Theatre | 27-28 Nov
Long term readers might vaguely remember that one of us here at TW Towers (me) is basically a sucker for pretty much any version of ‘A Christmas Carol’, and here’s a particularly appealing one: actor John O’Connor pretends to be the story’s creator Charles Dickens to regale audiences with the scary yet hopeful and undeniably Christmassy tale. It’s an echo of the past, as Dickens himself did this very thing, so take a step back in time. Lovely, details here.

Improvised Therapy | Theatre503 | 27-28 Nov (pictured)
“Feeling down in the dumps? Is your life slowly falling apart? Have you completely and utterly lost the will? No? Well, we have. We’re Doctors Barry, Brian and Bean, and we’ll be your (un)qualified therapists for the evening. This session will include: extreme paranoia, daddy issues, fake doctors, no actual medicinal help, improvised chaos, self-deprecation and lots of unfulfilled expectations.” Absurdist comedy exploring life’s problems and how we live with them, and it’s had great reviews. Head this way for info.

Next | The Yard | 27 Nov-8 Dec
Next is The Yard’s new festival, one that threatens to bring together “electrifying artists who are making the most risk-taking and soul-shaking work out there” and show you the creative output of eight artists considered to be “the next big thing”. See the venue website here for more about who is appearing, and links (down the right hand side) for info about each of the different events.