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Three To See on 28 May: Phil Wang – Kinbalu, Crick Crack Club – Tales Of The Rabbit God, Blueberry Toast

By | Published on Monday 21 May 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Phil Wang – Kinabalu | Soho Theatre | 22 May-2 Jun
So, I think this might be the second Monday in a row that I’ve done that whole spending-a-whole-day-at-one-venue thing. And I am pretty sure that it was Soho Theatre last week too. I promise to not do it a third time in a row next Monday, but there was just so much goodness to highlight today. Starting with one of our favourites (and no doubt yours too), Phil Wang. Our reviewer called this show “brilliantly silly”, so you can rest assured you’ll be well entertained. Info here.

Crick Crack Club – Tales Of The Rabbit God | Soho Theatre | 28 May
“Down a oft-forgotten side-street, in the districts of desire, is a shrine to the Chinese Rabbit God, Hu Tianbao. Here love and gender are not tightly bound by rule, law or social expectation. Clare Murphy stumbles into the Rabbit God’s court, looking way beyond ‘boy meets girl’ she unearths a veritable sweet shop selling every possible flavour of attraction and the myriad nature of sexual identity.” This sounds rather intriguing, if you ask me. If you agree, head this way for more.

Blueberry Toast | Soho Theatre | 24 May-30 Jun (pictured)
The UK premiere of this tragicomic play from US playwright Mary Laws. “Every family has a dark underbelly. Especially the perfect ones. On a regular Sunday morning, Walt sits in his sunny suburban kitchen while wife Barb makes him breakfast. It’s not long before the mundane descends into madness.” All the details just about here.