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Three To See on 28 Oct: No Direction Home – The Dirty Word, Stunning Meara, Juliet Burton – The Butterfly Effect

By | Published on Sunday 21 October 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

No Direction Home – The Dirty Word | Camden People’s Theatre | 28 Oct
You’ve possibly by now realised that we are quite excited about the content of CPTs No Direction Home festival, given that we’ve tipped something from it every day since it began. Well, we make no apologies, and continue in this fashion, with this very interesting sounding work in progress. It’s a piece that combines verbatim and devised theatre, spoken word and movement, and uses the experiences of immigrants all around the world to explore how the word immigrant has become a difficult word for many to use. Details here.

Stunning Meara | Theatre503 | 28-29 Oct
“Meara lives alone. She has the anxiety disorder Selective Mutism. The only person with whom she has ever been able to speak to freely is her Dad, Arthur. But he dropped dead three weeks ago. One Sunday evening, returning to her flat along a dark street, a strange man steps out in front of her, “I’ve been watching you for weeks. I like you. I want to touch your breasts.” Steve is Autistic. But can this ‘threat’ be the beginning of a story of friendship; of love?” Seems unlikely, but who knows? See this page here for more.

Juliet Burton – The Butterfly Effect | Greenwich Theatre | 28 Oct (pictured)
Long time TW fave Juliet Burton heads to Greenwich Theatre with her much acclaimed show exploring the power of kindness and whether small, kind-hearted acts can make the world a better place.” At a time when most of us find it hard enough being kind to ourselves – let alone others – is being nice outdated? Or can we still connect and change lives for the better?” See this page here to book your tickets.