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Three To See on 3 Aug: Doomed Resistance, The Bad Arm – Confessions Of An Irish Dancer, Unprescribed

By | Published on Thursday 27 July 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Doomed Resistance | Etcetera Theatre | 3-7 Aug
You might have noticed that over the last few days we’ve recommended a couple of things that are on as part of the Camden Fringe. Well, today, because I love it so much, I decided we ought to spend the entire day there. So, I thought we’d start with this, which, despite being set in the trenches of the First World War, somehow manages to be a hilarious farce. Click here for more info.

The Bad Arm – Confessions Of An Irish Dancer | Tristan Bates Theatre | 1-5 Aug
I know all about this show because we came into contact with its creator Máire Clerkin when she performed it at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival. If your experience of Irish dancing is basically a small amount of exposure to ‘Riverdance’, then I recommend seeing this show, which, appealingly, has been described as “the antidote to Riverdance”. Book here.

Unprescribed | The Monkey House | 2-5 Aug (pictured)
“A theatrical comedy exploring anxiety, obsession and the social expectations of femininity” from a group – The Sun Apparatus – who’ve won critical acclaim for their work, including this, which I believe was performed first at the old edfringe a few years back. Expect a very physical, possibly surreal performance shot through with hilarity and poignancy. Head this way for all the details.