Three To See on 30 Nov: Marny Godden, Revan and Fennell, Bridget Christie

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And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Marny Godden – Flap ‘Em On The Gate | Soho Theatre | 30 Nov (pictured)
I am totally down with the fact that female comedy acts are completely fed up of people talking about how women fare in comedy and are bored of being asked about it. But you know, they are still in a minority in that world, and they still come up against this ludicrous myth that “women aren’t funny”, so you know, I thought I’d have a funny-woman-themed set of tips today, starting with the utterly funny, lovely and adorable Marny Godden. She’s one member of one of my favourite comedy trios The Grandees and she’s brilliant at bringing hilarious characters to life. See this page here for info and tickets for her one night only at the Soho Theatre.

Revan and Fennell – Fan Club | Leicester Square Theatre | 30 Nov
And so to a double act of finely functioning femaleness, which garnered a healthily glowing review from one of our Edinburgh reviewers this summer. Accessible, clever sketches featuring satisfying punchlines, joyfully and energetically performed by a duo who exhibit great chemistry. I don’t see how you can afford to miss this. Unless you are going to one of the other things I’m recommending for today instead. Info and booking stuff right here.

Bridget Christie – A Book For Her | Leicester Square Theatre | 16 Nov-2 Dec
Renowned comedian and writer Bridget Christie is nearing the end of her run at Soho Elsewhere (ie, Leicester Square theatre) so you might want to try and catch it before it’s over. She’s responsible for some of the cleverest and point-full stand-up I’ve seen and she’s just written a highly interesting and amusing book on the subject, hence the title of this show. If you can’t get tickets, still read the book. That’s something to do in your house. But your house is probably in London, so it still counts. Kinda. Info here.

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Posted: Monday November 23 2015