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Three To See on 30 Nov: Once Upon A Snowflake, Police Cops In Space, Muvvahood

By | Published on Thursday 23 November 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Once Upon A Snowflake | Chelsea Theatre | 30 Nov-22 Dec
“Liza has gone missing, and no-one knows where she can be. One thing’s for certain: those mysterious Winter Sprites have something to do with it. Every winter, these tiny elf-like creatures can be found hiding in pockets, shoes and sock drawers, watching everything and hearing everyone. But how are they connected with Liza’s disappearance? Can they help to find her? And what is inside the mysterious Winter Sprite’s strange suitcase?” Hurrah, a lovely pre-Christmas snowy show for the small people in your life, from age three upwards. Info here.

Police Cops In Space | Soho Theatre | 30 Nov-2 Dec (pictured)
Well, we have on previous occasions tipped this show’s creators The Pretend Men, and we will no doubt tip them again, because this helping of comedy theatrics is ever so good, and I expect they’ll come up with more like this in the future. Our reviewer loved this when she saw it in Edinburgh in the summer, and said this: “The trio, who share brilliant on-stage chemistry, deliver hysterically exaggerated and physically mesmerising scenes with unfaltering energy levels and monumentally punchy delivery.” Head this way to book.

Muvvahood | Pleasance Theatre | 30 Nov-1 Dec
Right at the start of this month we ran a Q&A with the star of Muvvahood, Libby liburd, ahead of her dates at The Park Theatre. If you didn’t manage to catch one of those performances, then you should make a point of trying to see one of these, over at Pleasance Theatre, not least because the reviews are in following those earlier dates, and yes, they are all highly complimentary. See the venue website here for details.