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Three To See on 6 Dec: Ingo’s War, There But For The Grace Of God (Go I), Sinners Club

By | Published on Wednesday 29 November 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Ingo’s War | Drayton Arms Theatre | 6-9 Dec
“Owned and cherished by a young girl living in the city of London, life for Ingo is as easy as pie. Yet as war looms once more and the Blitz becomes a very immediate danger, the girl and her dog are evacuated to the country. But when Ingo is left on the train, he is suddenly plunged into an adventure which tips his steady world upside down.” A great family show aimed at audiences 7+ that won a lot of friends up in Edinburgh in the summer, head this way for info.

There But For The Grace Of God (Go I) | Camden People’s Theatre | 5-9 Dec
One of the most high profile child abduction cases in US history was that of Adam Walsh, a six year old boy who, back in 1981, became separated from his mother in a Mall department store. The creator of this show, Adam Welsh, discovered the history of his almost-namesake when googling his own name, and the result is this show, which looks at how we measure success and value lives. It will be interesting to see what Welsh makes of this horrendously sad source material. Head this way for details.

Sinners Club | Soho Theatre | 5-30 Dec (pictured)
Very much acclaimed show which I believe falls into a category you might call ‘gig theatre’, as the show invites you to witness a band – The Bad Mothers – recording their latest album in front of a live audience. Their songs tell a story, though, inspired by the life of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in the UK after being found guilty of the killing of her lover David Blakely. Expect something dark and raw, see the venue website here for more.