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Three To See on 6 Feb: It’s Not Cute Anymore, Screaming Secrets, Theatre In The Dark

By | Published on Tuesday 30 January 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped LDN-based events are…

It’s Not Cute Anymore | Theatre503 | 6-10 Feb (pictured)
Soho Young Writers’ Programme alumnae Clare Hoey and Bel Knight present and perform their first full length collaboration, which compares the consequences of pursuing your dreams with the dignity of just giving up. Expect an exploration of desperation, rejection, and misplaced entitlement, told via the medium of animation, interviews, and filmed flashbacks. For information and to book your tickets, head right this way.

Screaming Secrets | Tristan Bates Theatre | 31 Jan-24 Feb
“What do we do when we’re faced with our own mortality? How do we tell our family and friends and what should we do with the time that’s left? These are the questions that face philosopher and free thinker Antonio as he discovers, by accident, at his own birthday party, that he’s not as healthy as he thinks.” A production of Alexander Matthews’ 2001 play exploring the human need to be understood and appreciated. See this page here for more.

Theatre In The Dark | Battersea Arts Centre | 6-9 Feb
To mark the twenty year anniversary of their 1998 Playing In The Dark season, and the recent publication of ‘Theatre in the Dark: Shadow, Gloom and Blackout in Contemporary Theatre’, a book from Adam Alston and Martin Welton focusing on theatre practice that eliminates or obscures light, Battersea Arts Centre present a week of Theatre In The Dark. See this page here for links to each event.