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Three To See on 6 May: Cosmic Trigger, Dada For Girls – SPILT, Spencer Jones Is The Herbert in Eggy Bagel

By | Published on Saturday 29 April 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Cosmic Trigger | The Cockpit | 4-27 May
Back by popular demand, this play which tells the story behind well known conspiracy satire The Illuminatus Trilogy, focusing on the life and times of co-author Robert Anton Wilson, who befriended Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, and William Burroughs, took LSD and experimented with the magical rituals of Aleister Crowley… I think it’s safe to say you will find this rather interesting. See this page here for info.

Dada for Girls – SPILT | The Cat’s Back | 6-7 May
More from Wandsworth Fringe now, and I feel slightly scared by this, to be honest, but that’s because of the accompanying images, not the content. Anway, it’s good to confront your fears, and it also sounds amazing: “Bristol’s all female avant-garde theatre company, Dada For Girls, are here for a night of explicit performance art annihilation. Combining cinematic liquidity with performance fluidity, this band of daredevil divas redefine the boundaries of female performance”. Click here for more.

Spencer Jones Is The Herbert In Eggy Bagel | Soho Theatre | 3-13 May (pictured)
The brilliantly funny and original and award-winning Spencer Jones returns to Soho with his latest Herbert show ‘Eggy Bagel’, which scored the usual starry reviews in Edinburgh last summer. If you’re already a fan, you’ve probably already booked your tickets but if you’re not already a fan there’s clearly something not quite right with your life (or you just haven’t seen him perform yet) and you need to fix it, possibly by heading this way to book your tickets.