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Three To See on 7 Dec: The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale, The Double Dealer, Huddle

By | Published on Friday 30 November 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale | Camden People’s Theatre | 20 Nov-8 Dec (pictured)
I thought I had, one hundred percent, already tipped this show by Haley McGee, and I am very confused about it (something to do with my ageing brain?). The run is now close to ending, but in some ways it seemed like a good time to mention it, because it’s your last couple of chances coming up, and if I tell you that, you may be able to act on it. Anyway, it’s really interesting, and I now don’t have enough words to explain what it’s about so promise me to head this way and read all about it, asap. Info here.

The Double Dealer | Orange Tree Theatre | 7 Dec-26 Jan
“A house party on a sultry autumn evening. A marriage has been arranged between Cynthia and Mellefont. All should be plain sailing, but the young couple must contend with the jealousies, vanities and vagaries of a host of brilliantly drawn comic characters. Above all they must overcome the Machiavellian machinations of Maskwell – the eponymous Double Dealer. In a world of artifice and guile, how are we to judge whose behaviour is beyond reproach?” Hurrah, restoration comedy for the win. But hurry up, tickets are flying away, by the look of things. Click here.

Huddle | Unicorn Theatre | 13 Nov-6 Jan
This one’s been on for even longer than ‘The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale’ but that’s because I was kind of mentally saving it for a date closer to Christmas as this is potentially a lovely festive treat for your little ones. And of course tickets are disappearing quickly, so don’t delay. “During the long, cold winter, Mr Penguin carefully guards his egg. Now this new dad needs to look after his newly born chick on his own and he’s not feeling confident. How will father and baby work it out together?” All the details are here.