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Three To See on 7 Jun: Infinity Pool, Tricity Vogue’s All Girl Swing Band, If And When

By | Published on Wednesday 31 May 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Infinity Pool | Battersea Arts Centre | 7-10 Jun (pictured)
When this was on in Edinburgh last summer, our reviewer saw it and loved it, but I didn’t see it and was jealous, frankly, so I was really, really pleased to see it headed BAC-wards for a short run. It offers a modern take on Flaubert classic ‘Madame Bovary’, using projections, photographs, short video clips and dialogue written out on a screen to convey the story of Emma, a woman bored of her life and husband, and obsessed with celebs and glamour. See the venue website here for information.

Tricity Vogue’s All Girl Swing Band | Wilton’s Music Hall | 7 Jun
We’ve long been huge fans of ukulele toting cabaret star Tricity Vogue, and some of us are very partial to a bit of swing, and I must say I love an all-girl line up, so this one just went ahead and ticked all the boxes, really. Expect an entertaining mixture of 20s – 40s swing as well as catchy originals and witty, retro arrangements of pop favourites. See this page here for details.

If And When | Soho Theatre | 7-10 Jun
“Something terrible is about to happen. Any moment now. So what do you do? In a world of hard stances, snap elections, and political leaders playing schoolyard bullies, the countdown has started.” This new play from Matilda Ibini, Isley Lynn, and Iskandar R. Sharazuddin takes a look at the lines we draw and the sides we choose when everything is on the line. Click here for more.

Photo: Gavin Smart