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Three To See on 8 Jun: Ouroboros, Kubla Khan, Phobiarama

By | Published on Friday 1 June 2018

And Today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Ouroboros | Camden People’s Theatre | 8-9 Jun
“Have you ever been absolutely sure of something? Have you looked at a situation or made a decision and been 100% completely, totally and undeniably sure of what you’re doing? Are you certain that you can be sure of anything? In this space, there are 4 of us, on stage, performing for you, the audience. The space we occupy is black, lit by stage lights so that you can see us. And we can see you too. This you can be sure of.” People Paper Theatre explore the post-truth world. See this page here for more.

Kubla Kahn | Stratford Circus Theatre Arts | 8-9 JUn
Oily Cart present this new work is for young people from age 3 to 19 with profound and multiple learning disabilities, accompanied by their carers: “Welcome to the world of Kubla Khan, a multi-sensory pleasure dome that you can touch, taste and smell. From the sounds of a kora to the feel of a flowing river, experience the temperatures and textures of Coleridge’s acclaimed poem as the aroma of incense drifts by.” Info here.

Phobiarama | West Handyside Canopy King’s Cross | 8-18 Jun
Dutch theatre maker and visual artist Dries Verhoeven’s acclaimed installation ‘Phobiarama’, on King’s Cross as part of Lift 2018 invites you to “step on board a political ghost train for an immersive excursion into our contemporary culture of fear, bringing you face to face with the ever-increasing threats and paranoia engulfing a society obsessed with safety and perfection.” For all the details, head right this way.