Three To See over Christmas and New Year – theatre: Stop You’re Killing Me, Hound Of The Baskervilles, Hanna

By | Published on Sunday 17 December 2017

And our seasonal ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Stop You’re Killing Me | White Bear Theatre | 28-30 Dec + 2-6 Jan
And so to our final selection of tips to accompany your Yuletide celebrations, and this time it’s all on the theatrical side, though, as you might expect, it’s mostly light-hearted fare: starting with this, from Hambledon Productions, a film-noir-ish detective spoof, which looks set to serve up a healthy melange of witty gags, puns and slapstick. See the venue website here for more information.

Hound of The Baskervilles | Jermyn Street Theatre | until 13 Jan (pictured)
Well, there’s a chance you may already have seen this one, as it started its run pretty early in December, but I thought I would save it for Christmas week because it looked like such good fun. Obviously, you know the basic premise of the Sherlock Holmes story, and here they’re very much playing it for laughs; and according to a number of sources who did in fact see the play earlier in the month, doing it very well. For all the details, see this page here.

Hanna | Arcola Theatre | 3-20 Jan
“Being a young mum is supposed to be hard – but for Hanna, the only thing she’s ever been brilliant at is raising her beloved daughter Ellie.Until a DNA test reveals staggering news. Ellie is not Hanna’s child. And now her ‘real’ parents want to meet.” Yes, I appreciate that this doesn’t necessarily sound like it would be “light-hearted” (see first tip) but this play from Offie-nominated playwright Sam Potter, while tackling some serious themes, promises to be funny as well. Head this way to book.