Recommended cabaret shows

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Threes To See 2-8 Jul: Runs Starting This Week, Short Runs, Festival Shows
Threes To See 7-13 May: Longish Runs Starting This Week, Shorter Runs Starting This Week, One Night Stands
Three To See on 23 Nov: Buttons – A Cinderella Story, Robinson Crusoe, Fringe Wives Club
Three To See on 14 Nov: Rendezvous In Bratislava, Natalie Palamides – Nate, Dogmatic
Three To See on 3 Nov: No Direction Home – The Cocoa Butter Club, Adrift, The Greater Game
Three To See on 30 Oct: The Full Bronte, Placebo, Black Ice
Three To See on 13 Sep: The Cocoa Butter Club, The Burning Tower, Camden Underground – A Woman In Search
Three To See on 30 Aug: The Plague, Yana Alana – Between The Cracks, A Trilogy Of Horrors
Three To See on 22 Aug: Black Cat – Bohemia, Twelfth Night, Carmen The Gypsy
Three To See on 24 Jul: Hot Brown Honey, Diamond/Hoard, Games and After Liverpool
Three To See on 30 May: Confidence, Duckie, The Rude Awakening - Sex, Shame & Liberation
Three To See on 24 May: This Is Just Who I Am, Grace Savage Live Show, Hip Hop Cabaret
Three To See on 9 May: Secrets Of The Bluestockings, A Festival Of Korean Dance, Engine Brake
Three to see on 17 Apr: This Is Not A Safe Space, Mother's Ruin – A Cabaret About Gin, The Gulf
Three To See on 17 Mar: Beowulf, Cirque Du Greeks, Tori Scott - Thirsty
Three To See on 22 Feb: Ali McGregor's Decadence, Foul Pages, Rejoicing At Her Wondrous Vulva The Young Woman Applauded Herself
Three To See on 11 Dec: Spencer Jones – The Audition, All That Malarkey, Lucy McCormick – Triple Threat
Three To See on 11 Nov:  Black Cat Cabaret, Post, Jordan Brookes – Body Of Work
Three To See on 10 Nov: Clowning With Dr Brown-ing, Non-Binary Cabaret, Am I Dead Yet?
Three To See on 27 Aug: Paul Kerensa – Navelless Gazing, Gin House Burlesque – Roaring Twenties Revue, The Trap – Live!