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Thursday 4 December 2014 in London

Shamir Bailey

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Alfie Brown – Divorced From Reality (And My Wife) | Soho Theatre | until 6 Dec
Thought-provoking, button-pushing comic Alfie Brown dolls out his fourth show; “another screaming, pretentious, crusading monstrosity” (Brown’s words) based on his divorce, Bipolar Disorder, reality and morality at large. “It seems bizarre that we don’t ask questions, it seems weird that when we do people tell us we’re mad. I’m not mad, you’re not mad, society has Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy”, shouts its billing. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Shamir | Courtyard Theatre | 4 Dec (pictured)
Vegas-based “musician, comedian, singer, rapper, twerker, chef, writer, filmmaker” and “skinny fat ass” Shamir Bailey – who has all the quick-talking sass and panache of, say, Azealia Banks (only in a nineteen year old boy’s body) – celebrates his scene-stealing latest single ‘On The Regular’, and his recent signing to XL Recordings, with this headline show at the Courtyard Theatre. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: The Secret Life of Your Mobile Phone | Etcetera Theatre | 4-7 Dec
An interactive show for the Wikileaks generation by ‘ethical hacker’ Glenn Wilkinson and journalist Geoff White, ‘…Secret Life’ takes the proverbial cover off the pedestrian mobile phone, revealing the inner workings of the companies, places and individuals your phone is taking to without you knowing. Until now, that is. Details and tickets here.

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Wednesday 3 December 2014 in London

3 Winters

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Heroes’ Grotto Of Comedy | 27c Throgmorton Street | 3-18 Dec
Stewart ‘the grinch’ Lee and a team of helper elves pitch camp at the lavish one-time site of Throgmorton’s restaurant for this comical Christmas sit-in, in aid of Shelter and Great Ormond St Hospital. One-off shows from Josie Long, Pappy’s, John Kearns, Phil Kay and Arthur Smith, a rare PA from Simon Munnery’s League Against Tedium alias and the Weirdos Alternative Panto all still to come, the Grotto’s first-night Xmas bonanza starts off with a game of John Robertson’s acclaimed ‘interactive multimedia experience’ The Dark Room. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Denai Moore | Conway Hall | 3 Dec
Hotly tipped singer Denai Moore released her intimate-feeling new single ‘I Swore’ earlier this year. Sharp-eared SBTRKT fans may have already heard Moore’s silver-lined vocal tones on his track ‘The Light’ too. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: 3 Winters | National Theatre | 3 Dec – 3 Feb 2015 (pictured)
Croatian-born Tena Stivicic’s hardy first play for the NT, which is directed by the well-versed Howard Davies, traces several generations of a single ‘eclectic’ family weathering the storm of war-beaten Zagreb between 1945-2011. Details and tickets here.

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Monday 1 December 2014 in London

Hopelessly Devoted

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Richard Herring – Lord Of The Dance Settee | Leicester Square Theatre | 1-6 Dec
Noted observational comedian and pedant Richard Herring‘s apparently themeless latest comic enterprise features material on misheard lyrics, Mexican headgear, and “a man possible named ‘Dave Manager'”. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Hopelessly Devoted | Roundhouse | 1-6 Dec (pictured)
First seen at the Tricycle Theatre earlier this year, spoken word/hip hop artist and playwright Kate Tempest’s “devastatingly beautiful” prison-based drama follows life behind bars for one woman, Chess, who copes with isolation and missing loved ones by taking up a music course, and ‘the mic’. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE/COMEDY: Mark Thomas – Cuckooed | Tricycle Theatre | 1-13 Dec
Politically-galvanised journalist, activist and stand-up Mark Thomas shifts to the Tricycle his widely praised theatre piece ‘Cuckooed’ – a sort of autobiographical ‘live documentary’ about how, at one point, it came to light that a close friend of his was spying on him for Britain’s biggest arms dealer (yeah, really); having recently picked it over on the ThisWeek Podcast. Details and tickets here.

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Sunday 30 November 2014 in London

The Last Angel Of History

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Aziz Ansari – Live! | Hammersmith Apollo | 30 Nov
Sweet-talking ‘Parks And Recreation’ princeling Aziz Ansari plants his ‘larger than life’ solo stand-up show over at the Hammersmith Apollo, which deals with love, feminism, jizz bombs and Ja Rule. Details and tickets here.

COMEDY/FILM/MUSIC: Time Travel With Woody Allen | JW3 | 30 Nov
A Woody Allen-based bolt-on to this year’s Jewish Comedy Festival, this event lifts off with a screening of the love/hate director’s chillingly dystopian (not) sci-fi vehicle ‘Sleepers’, followed by space-age comic entertainment, cocktails and live jazz. Details and tickets here.

FILM: Inside Afrofuturism – The Last Angel Of History  | BFI Southbank | 30 Nov (pictured)
Part of the BFI and film curator Ashley Clarke’s rich-hued mini-season on Afrofuturism, this showing of John Akomfrah part real, part surreal 1996 ‘documentary’ on the metaphorical significance of AF itself is followed by a panel debate and, separately ticketed, a screening of John Sayles 80s sci-fi oddment ‘Brother From Another Planet’. Details and tickets here.

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Saturday 29 November 2014 in London

Barry Wise

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: The Barry Wise Wise Tour Of Soho | various locations | 29 Nov (pictured)
Join flat-capped Soho wideboy Barry Wise and his mate Clive for a 4pm or 6pm safari of one of London’s most dynamic locales. Disclaimer: the accuracy of pair’s facts on Soho’s fascinating history may vary, wildly, depending on the whiskey level in their hip flasks. Details and tickets here.

COMEDY: Soirée Subterranea w/ Phil Kay | ‘secret underground chamber’, Zone 2 | 29 Nov
‘Mad Abbot Sir Phil Of Kay’ (aka bearded Scotsman Phil Kay) presides over this medieval mix of sit down stand-up and absinthe-based rakishness, which is based loosely on Sir Francis Dashwood et al’s elite Hellfire Club of olde. The night is plotted like a ritual induction into a ‘tawdry brotherhood’ of monks, and will feature the profane comic stylings of honorary friars Ed Aczel, Nik Revell, Michael Brunström and Liberty Hodes; plus Rick Jones on the lute, and an all-important game of Edwardian animal impersonations. Details (which will be revealed on the day of the event) and tickets here.

DANCE: Fresh 2014 w/ Blue Boy Entertainment + Clément Dazin + James Wilton Dance | The Place | 29 Nov
This teen dream of a showcase features short and sweet works from a team of rising young dance companies (not least the jnr wing of Olivier-winning hip hop firm Blue Boy Entertainment), and ace choreographers Clément Dazin, James Wilton and Ben Duke. Details and tickets here.

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Thursday 27 November 2014 in London

Lou Sanders

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Lou Sanders In Another Great Show Again | Soho Theatre | 27-29 Nov (pictured)
“A genderless riot from a little old force-to-be-reckoned-with”, yells the billing for this show from comic host-with-the-most-boasts, the charmingly odd, “bubbly” and un-fussy Lou Sanders. “Sleaze: turned down. Clothed: fully”, the poster dutifully adds. Details and tickets here.

FILM: Argentine Film Festival | various locations | 27-30 Nov
Feting the best and freshest of Argentina’s new films; this year’s AFF features bigger-budget pictures like footballing animation ‘Metegol’ (Juan José Campanella’s first film since 2009’s acclaimed ‘The Secrets In Their Eyes’) and Natalia Meta sexy and stylised 1980s-set thriller ‘Death in Buenos Aires'; and smaller (if not any less great) films like Matías Lucchesi’s coming-of-age road movie ‘Natural Science’ is a moving, dance doc ‘Living Stars’, and photographer-come-filmmaker Alejandra Grinschpun’s glimpse of life on the fringes, the intimate ‘Street Years’. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: The Proper Ornaments + Virginia Wing | 100 Club | 27 Nov
Velveteen psych band The Proper Ornaments represent their latest LP ‘Wooden Head’ with a stop-off at iconic Oxford St dive 100 Club, with slinky avant-pop clique Virginia Wing as support. Details and tickets here.

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Wednesday 26 November 2014 in London


And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY/PHYSICAL: Marion Deprez Is Gorgeous | The Vaults | 25-29 Nov
Pro clown Marion Deprez flips the notion of ‘beauty’ on its head (and then, as her next trick, flips herself on her head), proving via her carefree physical antics that the difference between a real woman, and an ideal one. This show is part of 2014’s glittering Mimetic Festival. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: AMP Collected w/ Låpsley + Dornik | ICA | 26 Nov
Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac hosts AMP Collected, a new series of showcase-type events at the ICA featuring live sets by fresh artists hand-picked from her radio playlist. XL-signed electronic singer Låpsley (real name Holly Fletcher) and high-shine R&B talent (and ex-Jessie Ware Backing vocalist) Dornik. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Visitors | Bush Theatre | 26 Nov – 10 Jan 2015
Award-winning actress Linda Bassett plays Edie, a vivacious old lady with Alzheimer’s, in Barney Norris’ many-faceted play about living and dying, which is directed in close, intimate style by Alice Hamilton. Edie’s loving husband can’t afford to stop working to look after her, nor can her worrisome son cover the costs of a care home, and so they hire blue-haired carer Kate to help. Details and tickets here.

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Monday 24 November 2014 in London

Simon Munnery

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

CABARET: The Rat Pack Live | Arts Theatre | 24 Nov
A slicked-back homage to Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin and the cool cats of the swingin Rat Pack, this 5/5-rated show finds a thirteen-strong band and cast of five vocalists recreating classic 1950s hits like ‘Mac The Knife’, ‘Mr Bo Jangles’ and ‘New York, New York’. Details and tickets here.

COMEDY/FILM: Simon Munnery’s Fylm School | Soho Theatre | 24 Nov (pictured)
Whimsical ‘fylm’ fan nonpareil Simon Munnery invites VIP guests (in this case ventriloquist Nina Conti and Australian comic Sam Simmons) to co-star in (and co-create) a DIY film shoot featuring hand-made sets, silly skits and “drawings of varying quality”, screened live from the back of the theatre. Details and tickets here.

FILM: Duke Mitchell Film Club presents… Very Early Christmas Special | Phoenix Artist Club | 24 Nov
Left-of-centre film society the Duke Mitchell Film Club hosts this pre-Christmas Christmas bonanza, the focal point of which is a showing of rare sci-fi movie ‘Night Visitors’, the story of a family visited by a parade of characters bearing weird Xmas tidings. A quiz and a game of Trailer Trash (aka a dig into a Christmassy box of unusual archive trailers) will follow. Details and tickets here.

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Sunday 23 November 2014 in London


And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Kurdish Red Crescent Benefit w/ Mark Thomas + Tim Key + Josie Long | Bloomsbury Theatre | 23 Nov
The very good and ‘frequently on TV’ likes of Tim Key, Josie Long, Andy Zaltzman and Nadia Kamil all take space on this Mark Thomas-curated bill in aid of the Kurdish Red Crescent, a charity working to assist those fleeing the attacks of IS and Assad on the Syrian/Turkish border. Details and tickets here, and for the full lowdown check out Mark Thomas on this week’s ThisWeek London Podcast.

THEATRE/MUSICAL: Symphony | Soho Theatre | until 30 Nov
A “winning combination” (said us via ThreeWeeks circa this year’s Edinburgh Fringe) of harmonic sing-songs and acted stories of love, loss and dreams (all dedicated to Londoners, by the way); Nabokov’s award-winning ‘Symphony’ is the creation of all-star young writers Ella Hickson (the RSC’s ‘Wendy & Peter), Nick Payne (the Royal Court’s Olivier-nominated ‘Constellations’), and Tom Wells of ‘Jumpers For Goalposts’ fame. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Walaa | St Martin In The Fields Church | 23 Nov (pictured)
Richard Shannon directs ‘Walaa’ (or ‘loyalty’) a play by Ahmed Masoud that looks at the knock-on effects of the civil war in Syria; and, by drawing from real stories, how the brutal conflict is dividing both individuals, families, and the population at large. A post-play debate will take place, chaired by BBC Foreign Affairs correspondent Mike Wooldridge, and featuring Masoud, Shannon, and Amnesty International’s Kristyan Benedict. Details and tickets here.

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Saturday 22 November 2014 in London

Mother Goose

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

FILM: Björk Biophilia Live + Beastliness | ICA | 22 Nov
Representing the mid-point of the ICA’s superlative ‘Ada & After: Women Do Science [Fiction]’ weekend of screenings and talks, this two-film itinerary starts off with a showing of Björk’s big, visionary stage movie ‘Biophilia Live’, this paired with a Q&A with Björkian pop contemporaries Leila Moss and Jemma Desai. That’s all followed by a playback of Deborah Kelly’s disorientating and ‘horizonless’ sci-fi animation ‘Beastliness’. Details and tickets here.

MAGIC/COMEDY: Pete Firman – Trickster | Leicester Square Theatre | 22 Nov
Ka-boom! Skilled slight-of-hand tricks and wink-wink physical whimsy mystically combine in this magic display from reliable comic wizard Pete Firman, several of whose secrets are revealed in this interview he did with TW London earlier in the year. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Mother Goose | Hackney Empire | 22 Nov – 4 Jan 2015 (pictured)
Oh, go on. Go and watch the ‘mother’ (ha ahaha ahahaha ha) of pantos aka the Hackney Empire’s big and mighty Christmas show, as stars old stage hand Clive Rowe as titular ‘Mother Goose’, a mannish-looking dame who acquires a magic goose with a 44-carat egg-laying habit. Details and tickets here.

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Friday 21 November 2014 in London

The Gospel According To The Other Mary

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: CON FU SE w/ Phil Kay + Lewis Schaffer | BL_NK | 21 Nov
A free new comedy night with on-site sliders and beers (both non free), this edition of CON FU SE holds in store headliners in the shape of thinking man’s quipster Lewis Schaffer and “manic” comic enthusiast Phil Kay, and back-up from Spencer Jones, Faye Treacy, Sarah Cassidy, Ali Brice and Mr Susie. Details here.

MUSIC: Toddla T + Mike Skinner + Lil Silva | XOYO | 21 Nov
DJ and lord of the dance Toddla T leads a commanding list of live acts featuring lyricist Mike Skinner on his ex-Streets solo thing, and young production gun Lil Silva. Details and tickets here.

OPERA: The Gospel According To The Other Mary | London Coliseum | 21 Nov – 5 Dec (pictured)
Directed by Peter Sellars (the living, American Peter Sellars, as opposed to, you know, Peter Sellers) and drawing partly from the Bible, and partly from a group of 20th century writers, contemporary opera great John Adams’ grandiose-looking new creation – says Sellars – “sets the Passion story in the eternal present, in the tradition of sacred art”; flipping the script on the Resurrection of ol Jesus by showing it from the POV of Mary Magdalene and Martha, and mirroring the events of the Passion in modern-day headlines. Details and tickets here.

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Thursday 20 November 2014 in London

Mo Kolours

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Comedy At The Duke w/ John Kearns + Stuart Laws + Joe Sutherland | Duke Of Wellington, Dalston | 20 Nov
Weirdy AND beardy (really!) comedian John Kearns, the man the whole world wants a slice of following his Best Newcomer win at this year’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards, headlines this beefy night’s billing at the Dalston’s beery Duke Of Wellington; doing so with the support of Stuart Laws and Joe Sutherland. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Mo Kolours | Corsica Studios | 20 Nov (pictured)
Anglo-Mauritian producer/percussionist/artist Joseph Deenmamode, aka Mo Kolours, fishes a rich catch of sounds, styles and tastes from his eponymous first LP; a taster-plate of woozy looped beats and colour-block sampling in shades of reggae, dub, and anything else you’d care to think of. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Chimera | Gate Theatre | 20 Nov – 20 Dec
Transferring to the Gate direct from New York, this science-inspired one-woman play by Suli Holum and Deborah Stein follows a girl, Jennifer, whose sense of self starts to spiral when she is diagnosed with a rare medical condition. Details and tickets here.

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Thursday November 13th, 2014 12:49

Wednesday 19 November 2014 in London

Howie The Rookie

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Twins | The Invisible Dot | 19-20 Nov
Let’s get this straight; joined-at-the-hip comics Annie McGrath (the “navigator of the off-beat”) and Jack Barry (the “gormless” natural humourist) are 100% identical twins. If not in the genetic, nor the ‘being born on the same day’ sense. The pair’s self-titled first show, is a 60 mins mish-mash of self-deprecating sketches, droll flights of fancy, and “a few theatrical scenes”. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Howie The Rookie | Barbican | 19-29 Nov (pictured)
First produced in 1999, playwright Mark Rowe’s dark, funny and “outrageous” horror-ride into Dublin’s underworld stars Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as both tough guy Howie, and soft-hearted novice Rookie, and also as a cast of rather hideous supporting characters; all of whose lives cross over en route to a common misfortune. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE/SPOKEN WORD: Nothing | Camden People’s Theatre | 19-22 Nov
A meditation on ‘alienation and being young’ by Sunday Times Young Playwriting Award-winning young playwright Lulu Raczka, ‘Nothing’ finds its cast picking one of eight monologues (on topics like action films, sex, talking and… buses) at random and, in fact, on stage; and improvising their own new edit then and there. Details and tickets here.

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Wednesday November 12th, 2014 00:01

Tuesday 18 November 2014 in London

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: An Evening With Noel Fielding | Hammersmith Apollo | 18 Nov
Caped kook and pal-to-Kasabian Noel Fielding, certainly one of life’s real one-offs (if not the most topical or realist comedian going), hits the Eventim Apollo with a big, weird, lyrically-bent stick via his first live progress in five years. ‘An Evening With…’ combines live animation, ‘musical interludes’ and Noel’s face smeared in shaving foam as ‘The Moon’. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE/CABARET: Mimetic Festival | The Vaults, Waterloo | until 29 Nov
A full-to-the-brim saucy pan of devised, physical and visual theatre, puppetry and cabaret, Finger In The Pie’s thrill-a-minute Mimetic fest this year features ‘preposterous’ Vaudeville(ainous) puppets Boris & Sergey, a grisly spin on one-time ‘Dr Who’ Tom Baker’s short story ‘The Boy Who Kicked Pigs’, Antler’s wintry polyphonic song-and-storytelling piece ‘Where The White Stops’, and many-faced mime Pi’s ‘Un Cas de Nostalgie’. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Stink Foot | Yard Theatre | 18 Nov – 13 Dec
Jeff James directs this treacle-steeped (literally) adaptation of Sophocles’ ‘Philoctetes’, following the Greek playwright’s ancient narrative of a ‘master archer’ exiled to an island because of the stench of his injured foot. Odysseus is dispatched to trick the bitter castaway into coming back to the Trojan war. Details and tickets here.

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Tuesday November 11th, 2014 00:01

Monday 17 November 2014 in London

The Collector

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Shappi Khorsandi – Because I’m Shappi | Soho Theatre | 17-29 Nov
Leading comic lady and whip-crack wit Shappi Khorsandi was away from the circuit for most of 2013, on account of her being “knocked up like a 1950s teenager”. Well she’s back again, and on a haphazard forward march, honing in on her life’s positive points (and positive people) in her peppy new solo show. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Girlpool + Oscar | Shacklewell Arms | 17 Nov
LA-based indie cindies Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad, aka Girlpool, shoot off a slimmed-down line in opinionated screamo pop, as is typified on their self-titled ‘Girlpool’ EP, re-released this month via Wichita. It’s a free-entry show, and co-stars lovesick alt-pop creatonist Oscar (Scheller) as support act. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: The Collector | Arcola Theatre | 17-22 Nov
Awarded a Fringe First prize in Edinburgh earlier this year, writer Henry Naylor’s new play, a topical story of evil, betrayal and killing, is based inside Mazrat Gaol; one of Saddam Hussein’s most feared Iraqi torture houses, and follows a local translator who catches the eye of a psychotic inmate. Details and tickets here.

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Monday November 10th, 2014 00:01

Sunday 16 November 2014 in London


And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: World Toilet Day – It’s No Joke! Comedy Festival | various locations | 16-19 Nov
A drip-drip of fresh and clean comics appearing at a chain (sorry) of one-time public lavatories all over the city, Water Aid’s charitably-motivated first ever comedy fest is flush (I really am so, so sorry) with the live likes of Helen Lederer, Bec Hill, Phil Wang, Harriet Kemsley, Tom Craine; and also features a stand-up workshop with acclaimed trainer Logan Murray, and a ‘toilet disco finale’. “Urine for a treat!”, claim Water Aid, who are certainly not yanking anyone’s chain with all this. Details and tickets here.

DANCE: Candoco Dance Company – Curious Encounters / Close Encounters | Sadler’s Wells | 16-17 Nov
This showcase by Candoco, a contemporary co comprising both disabled and non-disabled dancers, is split into two halves; interactive matinee event ‘Curious Encounters’ – a chance for families to quiz the choreographers and dancers on their work, and ‘Close Encounters’ – a more conventional performance followed by a Q&A. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Tinariwen | Roundhouse | 16 Nov
Desert blues tribe Tinariwen, a band of Malian musicians who met in exile in Libya, present a rare live set celebrating the their mystic latest LP, ‘Emmaar’. Details and tickets here.

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Sunday November 9th, 2014 00:01

Saturday 15 November 2014 in London


And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Dave Gorman Gets Straight to the Point* (*The PowerPoint) | Hammersmith Apollo | 15 Nov
Factual comic and cool tech dork Dave Gorman delves further into the art of PowerPoint-based comedy, once again toying with the world’s fave slideshow-making tool for his latest touring show. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Nonclassical Bloc w/ Nathan Fake | Bloc | 15 Nov
Promotions co Bloc plays host to this longform live billing from alt music label Nonclassical; which this year features a collaborative set by headliner Nathan Fake and the always-innovatory Multi-Story Orchestra, plus composer Nonclassical boss Gabriel Prokofiev, futurist musician John Matthias, non-conventional ‘electronic’ project Klavikon, Nick Ryan, John Richards and also his brother (not) John Richards. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Loaded | Jack Studio Theatre | until 29 Nov
First staged at the auld Edinburgh Fringe in 1999, David Brown’s ‘Loaded’ follows a rag-tag pair of garage mechanics who plan a high-stakes stick-up job in order to save their shared acquaintance Carol ‘from herself’. Stream a ThisWeek London interview with the play’s makers AlterEgo Theatre via the TWL Podcast to discover more. Details and tickets here.

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Friday November 7th, 2014 00:01

Thursday 13 November 2014 in London

Emiliana Torrini

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

ART: Allen Jones RA | Royal Academy | 13 Nov – 25 Jan
An appraisal of great British Pop Artist Allen Jones; looking at all his years in the biz (if not quite in the right order), the RA’s big exhibition is a jigsaw linking the various motifs and common ‘visual language’ of his work; which combines traditional painting with the crisp, sexy city and advertising iconography of modern life. And yeah, his notorious 1960s ‘furniture’ sculptures (aka woman as ‘Chair’, ‘Table’ and ‘Hat Stand’) are part of the show; as is the plastic breastplate he made for Kate Moss; though also prominent are his many canvases and explanatory storyboards. Details and tickets here.

COMEDY: The QI Elves – No Such Thing As A Fish Podcast Live | London Irish Centre | 13 Nov
The behind-the-scene research team off of ‘QI’, the self-styled ‘Elves’, present a live recording of their highly informative and, above all, silly podcast ‘No Such Thing As A Fish’ as part of this year’s Chortle Comedy Book Festival. ThreeWeeks-interviewed academic/comedian Dan Schreiber hosts; with James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray and Anna Ptaszynski all chatting and adding factoids too. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Ja Ja Ja Festival w/ Emiliana Torrini | The Lexington / QMU Great Hall | 13-15 Nov (pictured)
The Ja Ja Ja Festival, a frosty city fest of all-things nice and, critically, Nordic; is this year headlined by Icelandic lark Emiliana Torrini (who leads the event’s final, all-day bill, in the Great Hall of Queen Mary University); and featuring live sets by all-Nordic acts When Saints Go Machine, Jenny Wilson, Highasakite, Sumie and Asbjørn; a series of screenings from the Nordic Music Video Awards; and innovative food programme from Helsinki-bred chef Antto Melasniemi. Details and tickets here.

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Thursday November 6th, 2014 00:01

Wednesday 12 November 2014 in London


And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Knock2Bag w/ Romesh Ranganathan | Bar FM | 12 Nov
Professional grinch Romesh Ranganathan and his straight-faced stylings headline this edition of Knock2Bag, with intrepid Pappy’s man Matthew Crosby, slimy character creation Brian Gittins, off-the-wall comic Lou Sanders, playful stand-up Joz Norris and “aspiring” funny guy Don Tran all in the bag (and on the line-up), and all. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Perfume | Hammersmith Apollo | 12 Nov
Now in the midst of their third circuit of the world touring-wise, bionic girl-girl-girl band and J-pop A-listers Perfume ring in their biggest hits via a typically striking hi-tech live show. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Accolade | St James Theatre | 12 Nov – 13 Dec
A repeat of director Blanche McIntyre’s award(s)-winning 2011 adaptation of the play by Emlyn Williams’, ‘Accolade’ stars Alexander Hanson as a knighted author caught in the glare of the British media, even as he’s being blackmailed over his secret private life. Details and tickets here.

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Tuesday November 4th, 2014 00:01

Monday 10 November 2014 in London

Joseph Morpurgo

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Joseph Morpugo – Odessa | The Invisible Dot | 10-15 Nov (pictured)
Taking another victory lap following its critics-flooring stint at the Edinburgh Fringe, Joseph Morpurgo’s blackly comical one-man show is posited like an investigation into a distinctly shady chemical plant fire in the Texan city of Odessa. Jo-Mo mans the whole cast of the story, from cops to co-conspirators, creating an intricate narrative arc from the grainy basis of ‘Odessa'; a half-minute TV clip from 1983. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: First Episode | Jermyn Street Theatre | until 22 Nov
Primavera AD and recent TW London interviewee Tom Littler directs this reprisal of Terrence Rattigan’s first script, ‘First Episode’, which is loosely based on the late playwright’s days at Oxford University, and indeed which he wrote whilst still a student. Its story follows best friends Tony and David, whose relationship is tried when Tony falls in love with a movie star. As you do. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: My Beautiful Black Dog | Bush Theatre | 10-12 Nov
Taking its title from Winston Churchill’s ‘pet phrase’ for his depression, Iron Shoes and writer Brigitte Aphrodite’s ‘My Beautiful Black Dog’ is a a one-woman insight into the intricacies of mental health; shared via a mix of songs, rhymes and theatre. Details and tickets here.

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