Thursday January 29th, 2015 00:01

4 Feb: Luke Haines, Rachel Lincoln and Kay Adshead’s Singing Stones

Luke Haines

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Lie Back And Think Of England | The Vaults | 4-8 Feb
A fast-pased physical thrill-ride into ultra-shy supply teacher Ms Got Told’s surreal ‘sex ed’ seminar, ‘Lie Back…’ finds its writer and star Rachel Lincoln using props and flip charts to teach her class about adolescence, contraception and ‘the act itself’ in suitably awkward style. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Luke Haines | Islington Assembly Hall | 4 Feb (pictured)
In-your-face punk figurehead Luke Haines, the flighty star of political bands The Auteurs, Baader Meinhof and Black Box Recorder, replays his most recent LP, last year’s ‘New York In The 70s’, as well as earlier sign-offs. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: The Singing Stones | Arcola Theatre | 4-28 Feb
Celebrated playwright/director Kay Adshead is in the driving seat for this triad of short plays, all looking at 2011’s Arab Spring from the side of the women involved; from the heroines of Tahrir Square, to Kurdistan’s female fighting forces, to a band of quarrelling artists. Details and tickets here.

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Wednesday January 28th, 2015 12:44

3 Feb: Susan Calman, Elephant Man and The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey

Susan Calman

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Susan Calman – Lady Like | Soho Theatre | 3-15 Feb
Scottish shortcake and star of many a BBC radio/TV game show Susan Calman paints a picture of her life as an older, wiser woman and, in the words of her neighbours, “mad cat lady”. “If you don’t know who she is'”, the story goes. “‘Lady Like’ will, at the very least, make you feel better about your own life”. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Elephant Man | Jack Studio Theatre | 3-21 Feb
The piercing life story of ‘horribly deformed’ Victorian man Joseph Merrick is adapted by ThisWeek London-profiled company Fourth Monkey, experts in making brave new theatre. Abandoned as a child, the so-named ‘Elephant Man’, a freak-show attraction and medical marvel, looks at London’s high society set and realises it’s the world, not him, that’s ugly. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE/FILM: The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey | Battersea Arts Centre | 3-14 Feb
The acclaimed Paper Cinema draw modern meaning from Homer’s ancient Greek saga of one man’s almighty road home; raging storms, supernatural forces, high seas and all. Main man Odysseus and the story’s cast of characters become illustrated cut-out figures, enacting a silent film animation with a live orchestral score. Details and tickets here.

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Sunday January 25th, 2015 00:01

31 Jan: Zonzo Compagnie, Joan Of Arc and Murder In The Cathedral

John Cage

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

OPERA/KIDS: Listen To The Silence – A Journey With John Cage | Royal Opera House | until 1 Feb (pictured)
Zonzo Compagnie dials up this unique-sounding show for all the family, an interactive experience inspired by composer John Cage’s noiseless work ‘4’33’. In it, children are invited to create their own sonic (and silent) landscapes. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Joan Of Arc | New Diorama Theatre | until 28 Feb
Award-winning youth company The Faction stage this take on Schiller’s play of 1801 ‘The Maid Of Orleans’, the tragedy of a woman ready to fight to the death in God’s name. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: TS Eliot’s Murder In The Cathedral | Temple Church | until 1 Feb
TS Eliot’s verse drama based on the historic assassination of Archbishop and “turbulent priest” Thomas Becket, which was written in 1935 in reaction to the rise of fascism, is revived, at a fittingly tense time for religion v politics, in the fittingly godly Temple Church. Director Joe Hamston’s spin on the text, which features a pro cast alongside a bunch of moonlighting lawyers. Details and tickets here.

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Thursday January 22nd, 2015 00:01

28 Jan: RAT, Neneh Cherry and Hello/Goodbye

Neneh Cherry

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: RAT – Induction | The Vaults | 28 Jan – 1 Feb
Shooting the bolt on this year’s ‘politics, gender and income’-themed Vault Festival, sketch players Camilla Whitehill, Dave Newman and Alistair Donegan present their celebrated fringe feature ‘RAT – Induction’. It’s the dreamlike story of three people (and an invisible intercom voice) who review their past lives leading to the present; dark recesses, bleak corners and all. “You’ll laugh. You may cry. You may cry some more. You’ll do one more small laugh, then it ends. After that you can go away and try and pretend it never happened”. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Neneh Cherry + Rocketnumbernine | Electric Ballroom | 28 Jan (pictured)
Ever the fearless hip-pop experimentalist, ‘Man Child’ hitmaker Neneh Cherry plays behind her first LP in eighteen years, last year’s genre-screwing ‘Blank Project’. She’s joined live by its lead beat-maker Rocketnumbernine. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Hello/Goodbye | Hampstead Theatre | until 28 Feb
Rom-com writer Peter Souter and a strong on and off-stage cast drive this spirited metropolitan play, which follows an only-in-films mix-up in which a sassy career girl and a “sexy” stranger wind up sharing a flat against their (initial) wishes. Details and tickets here.

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Wednesday January 21st, 2015 00:01

27 Jan: First Aid Kit, Molly Wobbly and the NT’s Dara

First Aid Kit

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

MUSIC: First Aid Kit | Hammersmith Apollo | 27 Jan
Bold-voiced folk-pop siblings Johanna and Klara Söderberg, aka First Aid Kit, tear themselves away from the snowy scenes of their native Sweden to play this show in the wilds of… erm, Hammersmith. The pair play the healing songs of their latest LP ‘Stay Gold’, also looking back on comparatively ‘old’ favourites from 2012’s ‘The Lion’s Roar’ and 2010’s ‘The Big Black & The Blue’. Details and tickets here.

MUSICAL: Molly Wobbly | Leicester Square Theatre | 27 Jan – 14 Mar
This titillating song-and-dance satire, rated “absolutely dazzling – 5/5″ by TW London’s esteemed sister site ThreeWeeks”, finds the greying ladies of the town of Little Happening (and bolshy, big-hearted stranger Molly Wobbly) plotting ways to make the world a more beautiful place. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Dara | National Theatre | until 4 Apr
The NT’s first new feature of the year, Pakistani playwright Shahid Nadeem’s lavish royal family drama ‘Dara’, spans the lifetimes of two Indian princes (and brothers) with contrasting visions for their empire. Details and tickets here.

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Tuesday January 20th, 2015 00:01

26 Jan: Richard Alston Dance Company, This Comedian and Walking The Tightrope

Katherine Ryan

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

DANCE: Richard Alston Dance Company – Mixed Bill | Sadler’s Wells | 26-27 Ja
Choreographer Richard Alston’s always top-of-its-game dance co shows its scope and quality with this disparate four-part programme. First is ‘Rejoice In The Lamb’, which has Britten’s choral score sung live by the 24-voice , Montclair State University choir, and following that is Martin Lawrance’s lust-struck ‘Burning’ about the composer Liszt; new piece ‘Nomadic’, a mixture of gypsy and urban motifs by young dancer Ajani Johnson-Goffe; and finally ‘Madcap’, a picture of a ‘disturbing outsider’ on the fringes of a rock band, backed by a contemporary score by Julia Wolfe. Details details and tickets here.

THEATRE/COMEDY: This Comedian | Duchess Theatre | 26 Jan (pictured)
A show by comedians, for comedians (and everyone else); ‘This Comedian’ features sets by the high-flying likes of Katherine Ryan (pictured), James Acaster, Sara Pascoe and Robin Ince, who’ll each give a glimpse of what it’s really like to do stand-up for a living. It’s the live component to a multi-media project by photographer Idil Sukan, whose exhibition, also titled ‘This Comedian’, opens at the Embassy Tea Gallery on 20 Feb. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Walking The Tightrope | Theatre Delicatessen | 26-31 Jan
A body of “explosive” short five-minute plays by writers Mark Ravenhill, Neil LaBute, Caryl Churchill ,Hattie Naylor and others, ‘Walking The Tightrope’, as indicated in its caption (‘the tension between art and politics’), has been devised as a means of reacting to themes of censorship and boycotting in the arts. Certain works are inspired in part by events of last year, like the Tricycle Theatre’s altercation with the Jewish Film Festival, and the early cancellation of the Barbican’s controversial ‘Exhibit B’. Details and tickets here.

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Saturday 24 January 2015 in London


And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

MUSIC: Alt-J | The O2 | 24 Jan (pictured)
Standing at the apex of sideways pop since 2007, Mercury Prize-winning Leeds innovators play The O2 behind their latest LP, ‘This Is All Yours’. This show is their biggest headline date ever, so will likely be special and packed with tricks and cool visuals. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Between | King’s Head Theatre | 24 Jan – 14 Mar
Having already created a sensation in Dublin, Cape Town, Brighton, Edinburgh, and at The King’s Head back in August, South African actor/playwright Oskar Brown’s racy ‘Between’ comprises three interlinking storylines, each a different portrait of male sex and sexuality. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Ivy & Joan | Jermyn Street Theatre | until 24 Jan
One last chance to watch this “intricately linked” pair of intimate, funny and heartbreaking vignettes by writer James Hogan, who tells ThisWeek London in a recent interview that “in both plays the basic story is how any of us can face a bleak future without that special person who would be the love of our lives”. Details and tickets here.

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Saturday January 17th, 2015 00:01

Friday 23 January 2015 in London

Luke McQueen

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Darren Walsh – Punnoisseur | Museum Of Comedy | 23-31 Jan
Tallish (he’s 6’8) comedian and glib wordsmith Darren Walsh, winner at last years Pun Championships at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival, presents his very first show, an hour of jokes, videos and sing-song nonsense. Details and tickets here.

COMEDY: The Luke McQueen Experience | The Invisible Dot | 23 Jan (pictured)
Headlining improviser Luke McQueen, extremely talented ‘Odessa’ man Joseph Morpurgo and gauche Etonian Ivo Graham makes three in this tri-pronged comic attack, the latest in a wider series of ‘Experience’ nights The Invisible Dot is hosting this Q1. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: 2071 | Royal Court Theatre | until 24 Jan
This is the very final chance to net ‘2071’, a cross-collaborative play by playwright Duncan Macmillan, director Katie Mitchell and world-leading scientist Chris Rapley that takes a long, hard look at climate change, and the bearing it’s having on Planet Earth. Details and tickets here.

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Friday January 16th, 2015 00:01

Thursday 22 January 2015 in London

Joe Wilkinson

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Joe Wilkinson & guests | Bloomsbury Theatre | 22-24 Jan (pictured)
Mopey oddment Joe Wilkinson, off of ‘Him & Her’ and other things, headlines three of those ‘& friends’ kind of comedy nights, inviting pals in ‘Impractical Jokers’ star Paul McCaffery and ‘Irishman Abroad’ podcasting man Jarlath Regan along for what’s sure to be an… um, ‘wild’ ride. Details and tickets here.

DANCE: Plexus | Sadler’s Wells | 22-23 Jan
‘Plexus’ is a “jewel of optical theatre” (says Le Monde) created by France’s Olivier-nominated Aurélien Bory especially for classically-trained Japanese dancer Kaori Ito, in which the latter appears as if “entrapped by five thousand cords in a forest of brilliantly lit strings”. The show is part of this year’s silent yet deadline London International Mime Festival. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Broke | Greenwich Theatre | 22-24 Jan
Highly praised by TW London’s Edinburgh Fringe-based sister site ThreeWeeks, verbatim theatre company The Paper Birds alight with their latest play ‘Broke’. Like all their shows, it’s based on real interview transcripts, in this case on the topic of dwindling British finances; spanning the  realities of a cashless society, from displaced families, to living on beans on toast. Details and tickets here.

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Thursday January 15th, 2015 00:01

Wednesday 21 January 2015 in London

Sara Pascoe

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Stand Up For A Chair | Bloomsbury Theatre | 21 Jan (pictured)
Smiles-winning pairing Jessica Fostekew and Sara Pascoe lay on the likes of Alan Davis (and Katherine Ryan, Al Murray, Susan Calman, and a secret “MEGA STAR”) in aid of a new wheelchair for Fostekew’s teen sister Hatty Greenway, who has cerebral palsy and scoliosis. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Hinds | Boston Arms | 21 Jan
The new band name on all the cool kids’ lips is Hinds, especially since this sparky all-girl Spanish squad had to change it from Deers. Because a hind is a female deer aged three and over, got it? Anyway, despite this minor tweak, Hinds will still be playing Deers’ same style of wall-of-sound-sized indie-pop, which can be tried and tasted on the official Hinds Bandcamp page. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Happy Birthday Without You | Tricycle Theatre | 21-24 Jan
Actress/comedian Sonia Jalaly – who writes, speaks and looks like a real credible star in the making – here plays “‘award-winning’ live and visual spoken word solo artist Violet Fox”. ‘Happy Birthday Without You’ finds Jalaly, in character as Fox, looking back on a lifetime of birthdays, and sharing the story of her complicated relationship with her mother through a series of birthday anecdotes, musical interludes and cake. Details and tickets here.

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Wednesday January 14th, 2015 00:01

Tuesday 20 January 2015 in London

Mae Martin

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Mae Martin – Funtimes w/ James Acaster | Camden Comedy Club | 20 Jan (pictured)
Canada’s ultra-sprightly Mae Martin workshops her latest ideas, with experimental entertainment also provided by deadpan “long-con gags”-maker James Acaster, the excellent (albeit now expired) Three Englishmen’s own Tom Hensby and sketch freaks Twins’ Annie McGrath. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Berenice | The Space | 20-25 Jan
Racine’s classic play about a love triangle torn apart by civil war is thrown forward into modernity, and remodelled as an essay on ‘the media’ vs celebrities’ right to privacy. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Diary Of A Nobody | King’s Head Theatre | 20 Jan – 14 Feb
Back for another crack at The King’s Head Theatre is Rough Haired Pointer’s popular adaptation of ‘Diary Of A Nobody’, a larger-than-life farce based on the “funniest book in the world” of the same name by Evelyn Waugh, which follows the pompous and hardworking Mr Charles Pooter. In Mary Franklin’s production, a cast of four actors takes on 45 parts, from ‘vulgar’ Gowing, to Borset The Butterman, to Sarah, ‘the worst maid in all of literature’. Details and tickets here.

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Tuesday January 13th, 2015 13:20

Monday 19 January 2015 in London

Josie Long

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Josie Long – Cara Josephine | Soho Theatre | 19-31 Jan
Comedian Josie Long meditates on relationships, ageing and “being outdoorsy as a bear” in this intimate yet non-corny insight into her own private heartbreak, which bowled over audiences (and the critics) at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Details and tickets here.

COMEDY: Lucy Beaumont – We Can Twerk It Out | Soho Theatre | 19-21 Jan
It’s all going on at the Soho theatre ‘atm’, as BBC Comedy Award-winning new face Lucy Beaumont (who Johnny Vegas says has “the timing of Les Dawson”), lifts the lid on this show of unusual, off-the-tracks gags straight from the North-East coast. Which is where she’s from too. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: East Is East | Richmond Theatre | 19-24 Jan
Jane Horrocks is the matriarch to a chip-shop-owning English-Pakistani family (and a half) in this Sam Yates-directed new framing of actor/playwright Ayub Khan Din’s ‘East Is East’. The play, which pre-dates its film parallel, visits the Richmond Theatre as part of a nationwide trip following its Trafalgar Transformed-backed premiere. Details and tickets here.

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Tuesday January 13th, 2015 13:16

Sunday 18 January 2015 in London

James Hamilton

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: James Hamilton + Adam & Lydia – Jerks In Progress | Etcetera Theatre | 18 Jan (pictured)
James Hamilton of 5*-ThreeWeeks-rated sketch-a-teers Casual Violence dips a toe in the comic waters for this trial go of his latest solo show, and Adam & Lydia – a collaboration by the acclaimed Beta Males’ most farcical man Adam Blampied and bona fide actress/comedian Lydia King; perform their own new work-in-progress set. Details and tickets here.

COMEDY: The Mitford Sisters w/ Pappy’s | The Phoenix | 18 Jan
Fanciful skits from top-tier trio Pappy’s add ambiance to this night fronted by The Mitford Sisters, a rival sketch team in its early days featuring the separately excellent Dominic Allen, Chris Stokes and Duncan Preston. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE/MUSICAL: The Caucasian Chalk Circle | Unicorn Theatre | until 21 Mar
Brecht’s bloody moral play of 1948 is updated, translated, and given a bolt-on original songbook (and its own fight choreographer) in this, a new adaptation led by director Amy Leach. It’s a vast societal story alive with blood and beheadings, crucial choices and risks, and contemplations on the world in which we live. Details and tickets here.

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Monday January 12th, 2015 13:20

Saturday 17 January 2015 in London

Gilles Peterson

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: The Saturday Night Show w/ Phil Wang + LetLuce + Joe Wilkinson | The Invisible Dot | 17 Jan
Joe Wilkinson, aka the bearded menace off of ‘Eight Out Of Ten Cats Does Countdown’, stars alongside deadpan rising star Phil Wang and “lavishly surreal” sketch ensemble LetLuce at this particular ‘Saturday Night Show’, which is curated by the brilliant team at The Invisible Dot. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards | Koko | 17 Jan (pictured)
BBC 6 Music DJ and man of diverse sonic tastes Gilles Peterson hosts his tenth set of Worldwide Awards, which amidst all the prize-giving features live appearances by rising artistes Fatima, Dorian Concept, The Heliocentrics, Marshall Allen, Taylor McFerrin, Clap! Clap!, Lone and Adrian Younge. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Upper Cut | Southwark Playhouse | until 7 Feb
A provocative portrait of a politician’s fight for diversity and black representation within a Thatcher-era government, ‘Upper Cut’ is written by safe-pair-of-hands Juliet Gilkes Romero, who was inspired by real-life events. Details and tickets here.

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Monday January 12th, 2015 13:12

Friday 16 January 2015 in London


And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY/MAGIC: Jerry Sadowitz – Card Tricks & Bile | Leicester Square Theatre | 16-24 Jan
Close-up magician and poison wit Jerry Sadowitz lays the bile on thick with this live combination of card-based slight-of-hand (displayed on a big screen) and his confrontational comic stylings. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Bull | Young Vic | until 14 Feb (pictured)
Written by Mike Bartlett, who recently served a West End hit in ‘King Charles III’, ‘Bull’ is billed as a knife-sharp play about the fine line separating politics and playground bullying, offering a ringside insight into three employees striving to keep their jobs. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: The Ruling Class | Trafalgar Studios | 16 Jan – 11 Apr
In the hottest theatre ticket of 2015 so far, director Jamie Lloyd twins with Olivier-nominated leading man James McAvoy in this revival of Peter Barnes’ ‘The Ruling Class’, which follows a potential paranoid schizophrenic who, when his father dies, finds himself at the centre of a web of lies, schemes as his family fight cold-bloodedly to save their reputation. Details and tickets here.

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Friday January 9th, 2015 00:01

Thursday 15 January 2015 in London

Bat Boy

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Mixed Blessing w/ Holly Burn + The Human Loire | The Library, Upper Street, Islington | 15 Jan
Comedian Caroline Hardie and ‘Sketchorama’ star Gareth Cooper present this free-entry night of ‘experimentation’ (ie acts previewing new material); which this time features sparky character comic and ‘Bad Bridesmaid’ Holly Burn and surrealist river/man The Human Loire. Details here.

THEATRE: Bat Boy – The Musical | Southwark Playhouse | until 31 Jan (pictured)
An intimidating theatre-making team bring this fang-tastical off-Broadway franchise back to London following its premiere in 2004. ‘Bat Boy’ is based loosely (like, really loosely) on a sensationalised 1992 cover story in American tabloid The Weekly World News, revealing the discovery of a “bat child”, a creature “half human and half bat” who lived in a cave. Allegedly. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: The Changeling | Sam Wanamaker Playhouse | 15 Jan – 1 Mar
Thomas Middleton’s tragic Jacobean-era tale, a perverse mix of comic and dramatic irony, traces the spiralling fate of the beautiful Beatrice-Joanna, who enters into a sex pact with slimy servant De Flores leading to all kinds of bedlam. Dominic Dromgoole directs actress Hattie Morahan in the lead part. Details and tickets here.

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Wednesday January 7th, 2015 00:01

Tuesday 13 January 2015 in London


And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Gein’s Family Giftshop – Volume 1 | Soho Theatre | 13-17 Jan
Now tipped for greatness following a Fosters Comedy Award-winning stint at the Edinburgh Fringe, tricksy sketch act Gein’s Family Giftshop apply a dark world vision to topics like; tragedy, abject misery, and missing dogs. Details and tickets here.

COMEDY: Massive Dad | Pleasance Theatre | until 17 Jan
“Side-splitting” comic trio Massive Dad make heads spin with their self-referential sketches, honing a similar mix of song, dance and dialogue to the one that sold like hot cakes at 2014’s Edinburgh Fringe. Details and tickets here.

OPERA: Orfeo | Roundhouse | 13-24 Jan
The Roundhouse, Royal Opera and one-time RSC AD Michael Boyd collaborate on this contemporary revival of one of the great early operas, Monteverdi’s myth-inspired saga of love and loss circa 1607. Details and tickets here.

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Monday January 5th, 2015 00:01

Sunday 11 January 2015 in London


And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Daphne presents… Nova! Nova! | Cockpit Theatre | 11 Jan (pictured)
A new night hosted by nascent sketch pack Daphne – aka Phil Wang, Jason Forbes and George Fouracres – this time features ‘extreme’ pairing Lazy Susan, finicky Norwegian comic Daniel Simonsen and many-faced character actress Emma Sidi. Details and tickets here.

COMEDY: Sara Pascoe – The Museum Of The Robot Pussycats | Etcetera Theatre | 11 Jan
The usually top-billed Sara Pascoe maintains a low profile for this trial spin of her latest solo show, an ode to ‘the stories nobody wants to tell'; like ‘the man who tips over bins’, that other one, the one about the robot pussy cats. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Pig Girl | Finborough Theatre | 11 Jan – 16 Feb
Based on the real-life plight of marginalised sex workers, Canadian playwright Colleen Murphy’s ‘Pig Girl’ is the story of a woman held captive by a killer and – on the other side of the stage; her sister, who’s trying desperately to drive the police to save her. Details and tickets here.

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Thursday January 1st, 2015 00:01

Wednesday 7 January 2015 in London

Swan Lake

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: The Rat Pack Unwrapped | Camden Comedy Club | 7 Jan
A more intimate spin-off of the critically acclaimed main Rat Pack show (which is on at the Leicester Square Theatre later this month), ‘Unwrapped’ has the same loose, classy stand-up vibe as its big brother, and tonight plays host to Julian Deane, Jayde Adams, Laurence Owen, Lindsay Sharman, Leo Kearse, Milo McCabe, Mr Susie and host Nathan Cassidy. Details and tickets here.

DANCE: Swan Lake | London Coliseum | 7-18 Jan (pictured)
Looking highly in-shape at the moment thanks to director Tamara Rojo, the English National Ballet plays it straight in its take on ‘Swan Lake’, with classical staging, elegant scenery and safe casting for the formidable twin part of princess Odette and the evil Odile, alternated here by prima ballerinas like Alina Cojocaru, Lauretta Summerscales, Fernanda Oliveira and Rojo herself. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Donkey Heart | Trafalgar Studios | 7-31 Jan
A pitted history of Russia told through the lives and stories of a single family living in a small flat, ‘Donkey Heart’ has a lot to say about watchfulness and mistrust, both within the family, and in Russia at large. Transferring to Trafalgar Studios following a widely-praised Fringe stint at the Old Red Lion Theatre, the play is here again directed by Nina Raine, sister of its writer Moses Raine. Details and tickets here.

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Wednesday December 31st, 2014 00:01

Tuesday 6 January 2015 in London


And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Beasts – Solo | Soho Theatre | 6-10 Jan (pictured)
Carried away by their recent big break on BBC Radio 4, three-man sketch menagerie Beasts decide they’re too brilliant to share the spotlight with each other, and vow to go it alone. What follows is too many solo shows, packed into too little time, and a lot of squabbling. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Made In Britain | Old Red Lion Theatre | 6-11 Jan
Ella Carmen Greenhill’s insight into the state of play amongst ‘the British youth’ follows an angry, disenfranchised boy and girl who form a chance friendship at a G8 march. Can they save each other, or is it too late for both of them? Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Shaw’s Women | Tristan Bates Theatre | 6-31 Jan
Jane Nightwork Productions follow the lauded (and ThisWeek-investigated) ‘Retelling Oedipus’ present a pair of rarely-seen George Bernard Shaw plays measuring the breadth of his female character creations. Like a back-to-front ‘Pygmalion’, ‘Village Wooing’, which begins on a cruise ship, follows a gentile travel writer’s socially-improbable relationship with a chatty phone operator. ‘How He Lied To Her Husband’, meanwhile, is a rom-com in one act about a love triangle with a wry twist in its tail. Details and tickets here.

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