Recommended children’s shows

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Threes To See 24-30 Sep: Runs Starting This Week, Comedy Acts Fresh From Fringe 2019, Short Runs, More Short Runs
Three To See 17-23 Sep: Starting This Week, Short Runs, Very Short Runs
Threes To See 16-22 Jul: Shows From Casa Festival, Shows Starting This Week, Longer Runs Starting This Week, Short Stops
Threes To See 25 Jun-1 Jul: Short Runs, Longer Runs, Festival Events
Threes To See 28 May-3 Jun:  Starting This Week, Short Stops, Calm Down Dear
Threes To See 16-22 Apr: Runs Starting This Week, Short Runs, Funny Short Runs, Shows For Kids
Threes To See 26 Mar-1 Apr: Runs Starting This Week, Short Runs, Soho Theatre Treats, From Creative/Disruption
Threes To See 12-18 Mar: Opening this week, Short runs, One nighters at Sprint, Vault Festival
Threes To See 19-25 Feb:  Comedy shows, Family shows, Shortish runs starting this week, Three longer runs starting this week
Threes To See 29 Jan-4 Feb 2019: Vault Festival Theatre, Vault Festival Comedy, Musical Shows, Theatre Ending Soon
Threes To See Christmas / New Year 2018: Family Shows, Grown Up Shows, Comedy Women, Comedy Men
More Christmassy tips round up 2018
Three To See on 16 Dec: Dandelion, Hansel & Gretel, The boy Under The Christmas Tree
Three To See on 14 Dec: John Luke Roberts' Terrible Wonderful Adaptations – Christmas Special, Can't Wait For Christmas, Green Milk Presents Good Bois
Three To See on 13 Dec: Kayla MacQuarrie – Traumatised, A Very English Christmas With Tenebrae, Rapunzel
Three To See on 8 Dec: The Box Of Delights, Philip Pullman's Grimm Tales, Peter Pan
Three To See on 7 Dec: The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale, The Double Dealer, Huddle
Three To See on 4 Dec: Borders And Games, Knitmas – A Winter Yarn, Polyester
Three To See on 3 Dec: Mawaan Rizwan – Juice, The Gingerbread Man, Nath Valvo – Show Pony
Three To See on 2 Dec: Burke And Hare, Jeannie, Return To Elm House