Recommended children’s shows

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Three To See on 18 Feb: I Am Not Myself These Days, Sarah Kendall et al, Cosmic Jives
Three To See on 16 Feb: Flamenco Festival London, Four Play, Play Dough
Three To See on 15 Feb: Rob Auton – The Water Show, zazU – A Fête Worse Than Death, Sing A Long With Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
Three To See on 14 Feb: The Giant Storytelling Bed, A Pony For Your Thoughts, A Series Of Unfortunate Break-Ups
Three To See on 13 Feb: The Assembly Of Animals, Stephen K Amos, A Steady Rain
Three To See on 7 Feb: Lynn Ruth Miller, Trainspotting, An Elephant In The Garden
Three To See on 6 Feb: Fable, Pierre Novellie work in progress, Jeramee Hartleby and Oooglemore.
Three To See on 31 Jan: Florilegium, Mrs H and The Sing Along Band, Jane Eyre
Three To See On 16 Jan: Mr Popper's Penguins, The Rolling Stone, Lumiere London
Three To See over Christmas and New Year: Scrooges, seasonally inspired shows, and other stuff
Three To See on 16 Dec: Christmas With Septura, The Firework Maker's Daughter, Bull
Three To See on 15 Dec: That Is All You Need To Know, Holy Presents, Land Of Lights
Three To See on 13 Dec: Labels, The Little Match Girl, Isy Suttie
Three To See on 12 December: Thunderbards Chapter III, Josie Long's Christmas Miracle, Red Riding Hood
Three To See on 5 Dec: The Snail And The Whale, Nothing - Barrel Organ Takeover, Your Last Breath
Three To See on 4 Dec: Sajeela Kershi, You For Me For You, Hetty Feather
Three To See on 3 Dec: Wild Card, Immigrant Diaries, Rapunzel
Three To See on 2 Dec: Wow! Said The Owl, Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty, How To Keep An Alien
Three To See on 1 Dec: Dick Whittington, The Terrible Tale Of The Twiddly Widdlies, Jackson's Way: The Christmas Top Up Power Seminar
Three To See on 28 Nov: Andy Hamilton, The Night Before Christmas, Jewish Comedy Festival