Recommended children’s shows

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Three To See on 1 Apr: Jack And The Beans Talk, Lucy McCormick – Triple Threat, The Life
Three To See on 25 Mar: Pigeon Patrol, Eleanor Conway – Walk Of Shame, Science Blast – The Big Bang
Three To See on 24 Mar: Friends For All, Big Bang Sprint 2017, Seventeen
Three To See on 12 Mar: To Dream Again, Spillikin, Sarah Kendall – Shaken
Three To See on 4 Mar: Puccini's Tosca, Mini Rumpus – Woodland Tails, Phantasmagoria Cabaret
Three To See on 25 Feb: Big Howard's LOL-tastic Yukfest for Kids and Well Trained Adults, Jewish Book Week, Tom Bell - 6 Seasons And A Live Show
Three To See on 19 Feb: Cabaret Of Dangerous Ideas, The Jest – Sketches From The Vault, The Tin Soldier
Three To See on 15 Feb: New Nigerians, Vau Vanne Baby Circus - Wow Hoop, This Is Not Culturally Significant
Three To See on 13 Feb: Bucket List, How (Not) To Live In Suburbia, Pat-A-Cake Baby
Three To See on 12 Feb: Glitter Punch, On The Edge Of Me, Ulla's Odyssey
Three To See on 11 Feb : The Pitchfork Disney, The Hunting Lodge, The Wunderkammer
Three To See on 6 Jan: Me..., A Curse Of Saints, Wild Honey
Threes To See over the Christmas and New Year holiday: Entertain the kids, great adaptations, shows of the more contemporary kind
Three To See on 22 Dec: Why The Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo, Margo and Friends – Best Of The Fringe, Babe The Sheep Pig
Three To See on 20 Dec: Andy Zaltzman – 2016 The Certifiable History, A Christmas Carol, Breaking The Ice
Three To See on 17 Dec: Red Riding Hood, James Campbell's The Funny Thing About, RHS London Christmas Show
Three To See on 14 Dec: The Flanagan Collective's A Christmas Carol, Mimi And The Mountain Dragon, Doc Brown
Three To See on 12 Dec: Ricky Whittington And His Cat, The Selfish Giant, Sing-A-Long Muppets Christmas Carol
Three To See on 11 Dec: The Snow Queen, The Little Matchgirl, A Young People's Guide to Feminism
Three To See on 10 Dec: Urban Makers East Christmas Market, A Christmas Carol, Come Rhyme With Me