Recommended children’s shows

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Three To See on 16 Dec: Dandelion, Hansel & Gretel, The boy Under The Christmas Tree
Three To See on 14 Dec: John Luke Roberts' Terrible Wonderful Adaptations – Christmas Special, Can't Wait For Christmas, Green Milk Presents Good Bois
Three To See on 13 Dec: Kayla MacQuarrie – Traumatised, A Very English Christmas With Tenebrae, Rapunzel
Three To See on 8 Dec: The Box Of Delights, Philip Pullman's Grimm Tales, Peter Pan
Three To See on 7 Dec: The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale, The Double Dealer, Huddle
Three To See on 4 Dec: Borders And Games, Knitmas – A Winter Yarn, Polyester
Three To See on 3 Dec: Mawaan Rizwan – Juice, The Gingerbread Man, Nath Valvo – Show Pony
Three To See on 2 Dec: Burke And Hare, Jeannie, Return To Elm House
Three To See on 25 Nov: Renaissance Men, Seussical, Showmanship
Three To See on 17 Nov: Jazz For Toddlers, MEH – Mass Epidemic Hysteria, Comedy Club 4 Kids
Three To See on 10 Nov: Plink and Boo, The Moors, A Small Place
Three To See on 25 Oct: I Wish I Was A Mountain, Princess Charming, No Direction Home – Belong
Three To See on 23 Sep: Sian Docksey – Interdependent Woman, Hear Me Howl, Sleepyhead
Three to See on 21 Sep: Sigma, Butterflies, Raven
Three To See on 27 Aug: Echoes, Morgan & West’s Utterly Spiffing Spectacular Magic Show For Kids (and Childish Grown-ups), Welcome Home
Three To See on 26 Aug: Train Journey, The Battle Of Frogs and Mice, Who Killed Franz Ferdinand
Three To See on 12 Aug: The Erebus Project, The Scarecrows' Wedding, Tubman
Three To See on 4 Aug: The Cloakroom Attendant, The Angel By The Sea, A Fantastic Bohemian
Three To See on 27 Jul: Little Mermaid – The Circus Sensation, Tokyo Love Hotel, Bury The Hatchet
Three To See on 21 Jul: Family Dance Day, Splinter, Weird