Recommended children’s shows

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Three To See on 30 Oct: UK Unsigned Songwriter Of The Year Grand Final, Bach – A Family Affair, Shlomo's Beatbox Adventure For Kids
Three To See on 29 Oct: Spooky Swing, Lunch by Luke Courtier, Penguinpig
Three To See on 28 Oct: Dans L'Atelier, The Giant's Loo Roll, Meet/Cute
Three To See on 22 Oct: Stick Man, Phone Home, Attack Of The Giant Leeches
Three To See on 16 Oct: Trumpageddon, A Pocket Full Of Grimms, Hunted
Three To See On 9 Oct: The Magical World of the Piano – Family Concerts with Noriko Ogawa, Tetris / O Snap / No Man is an Island, Trident Moon
Three To See On 8 Oct: Why The Whales Came, History Of Ireland,  I Ride In Colour And Soft Focus, No Longer Anywhere
Three To See On 2 Oct: Getting Better Slowly, Let's Fly, Plastic Figurines
Three To See on 25 Sep: The Girl And The Giraffe, In Spotlight - Trina and Raam, Emily Rising
Three To See on 10 Sep:  Rice Paper Tales, Home Chat, The Rose Unfolds – Salon Season
Three To See on 4 Sep: Monstersaurus, Zoe Coombs Marr - Trigger Warning, Think No Evil Of Us - My Life With Kenneth Williams
Three To See on 30 Aug: Heartbeats and Algorithms,  If We Got Some More Cocaine I Could Show You How I Love You,  Bedtime Stories
Three To See on 29 Aug: Akio Suzuki, Once Upon A Time, The Scarecrows' Wedding
Three To See on 27 Aug: An Audience With Harry Deansway, The Listies, No Fit State/Motionhouse - Block
Three To See on 14 Aug: Knots, Mona Hatoum, Jungle Book
Three To See on 6 Aug: A David Grieg Double Bill, Respect Existence Or Expect Resistance, Jay Foreman - Family Comedy #3
Three To See on 31 Jul: Sooz Kempner - A Bit Of A Character, Lazy Town Live, OMG Keats! 16 Monumental Mash-up
Three To See on 25 Jul: Chickenshed Kensington & Chelsea Summer Holiday Project,  Rory O'Keeffe – Monoglot,  Cariad & Paul - A Two Player Adventure
Three To See on 22 Jul: Hatched -  Moonshine's Entirely Necessary Adventure,  Trash Test Dummies,  Mid-Brow – The Live Show
Three To See on 16 Jul: Exposure The Musical, Something Happening For The Kids, Jane Postlethwaite – Made In Cumbria