Recommended circus shows

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Three To See on 13 Jan: Twilight – Los Angeles 1992, Santa Madera, Lobster
Three To See on 19 Dec: The Book Of Darkness And Light, The Ramshackle House, Sleeping Trees & The Chocolate Factory
Three To See on 17 Dec: BMT & Friends, White Fang, The Little Prince
Three To See on 24 Jul: A Strange New Space, Finding Nana, Children Are Stinky
Three To See on 1 Jul: Iguana Mum, Droll, Hangwire
Three To See on 13 Jun: Misanthrope, And The Little One Said, Sarah Sky and 7 Other Guys/Submission
Three To See on 18 May: London Burlesque Festival Opening Gala, Casus – Driftwood, Macbetti
Three To See on 17 May: King's Cross (Remix), Prison Game, Catch Me (Attrape Moi)
Three To See on 18 Apr: Laugh Out London at The Antelope, Taival, Cuncrete
Three To See on 10 Apr: Women Redressed - Act II, Drew Taylor and Steffan Evans – Tales From Wales, Lost Property
Three To See on 8 Apr: How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, Diminished, Finders Keepers
Three To See on 6 Apr: That Thing That Came From Over There, Si Ca Vous Derange Pas?, It Is So Ordered
Three To See on 15 Feb: New Nigerians, Vau Vanne Baby Circus - Wow Hoop, This Is Not Culturally Significant
Three To See on 1 Feb: I Am A Tree by Jamie Wood, Throwback, Nightlight
Three To See On 12 Oct: Snakes and Giants, Swansong, Ceirw - Savage Hart
Three To See on 24 Sep: The Brides Of Bluebeard, Femi Temowo - The Music Is The Feeling, Post Fringe Gala Bash
Three To See on 14 Sep: The Hogwallops, Stand Up For Syria, Where Do All The Dead Pigeons Go?
Three To See on 1 Sep: Burning Doors, Labyrinth, Tom Walker – Beep Boop
Three To See on 31 Aug: Throwback, Axis Of Awesome  – Won't Ever Not Stop Giving Up, La Boheme
Three To See on 30 Aug: Heartbeats and Algorithms,  If We Got Some More Cocaine I Could Show You How I Love You,  Bedtime Stories