Recommended comedy shows

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Three To See on 19 Feb: Invisible Women – A Mini Festival, Rose Matafeo – Sassy Best Friend, Frankenstein
Three To See on 18 Feb: Close Up, What Goes On In Front Of Closed Doors, Mark Bittlestone – Pity Laughs
Three To See on 15 Feb: Noisy Holiday, Lloyd Griffith – in:undated, Gold Coast
Three To See on 12 Feb: Victim, Leaf, Waiting For Guido
Three To See on 8 Feb: Monolog, Hannah Gadsby – Nanette, Catherine And Anita
Three To See on 5 Feb: King Lear Retold, Nick Mohammed – Characters, Gein's Family Giftshop – Volume 3
Three To See on 2 Feb: Medea Electronica, Angels With Dirty Accents, Masood Boomgaard – African Indian
Three To See on 29 Jan:  Jen Kirkman – The All New Material Girl Tour, Lauren Pattison – Lady Muck, Jordan Brookes – Body Of Work
Three To See on 26 Jan: Paines Plough Roundabout, Kwame Asante – Open Arms, Vu
Three To See on 23 Jan: Enticement Machine, Daphne – The Best Of Daphne, SLAM Soaps
Three To See on 22 Jan: Adam Riches – Inane Chicanery, Alex Edelman – Just For Us, Chris Washington – Dream Big
Three To See on 20 Jan: Darren Harriot – Defiant, The Flying Lovers Of Vitebsk, The War Has Not Yet Started
Three To See on 19 Jan: Perhaps Perhaps Quizas, The Gentle Art Of Punishment, Juan Vesuvius - I Am Your Deejay
Three To See on 17 Jan: Somber Sloughing etc, Still Ill, Lucy Pearman – Maid Of Cabbage
Three To See on 14 Jan: Statements, Luca Cupani – It's Me, 100 Ways The Fire Starts
Three To See on 8 Jan: Trygve Wakenshaw & Barnie Duncan - Different Party, Bridget Christie – What Now?, Rob Newman – Total Eclipse Of Descartes
Three To See on 7 Jan: Into The Numbers, Nick Doody – Interesting Times, Imaginationship
Three To See on 6 Jan: Heartbreak House, The Ten Thousand Year Clock And Other Stories, Any Suggestions Doctor?
Three To See on 5 Jan: Newsrevue, Harley & Me, Natalie Palamides - Laid
Three To See in London over Christmas and New Year 2017: Theatre, comedy and family shows