Recommended comedy shows

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Three To See on 16 Dec: Nine Lessons And Carols For Godless People, Mark Thomas – A Show That Gambles On The Future, Tobacco Road
Three To See on 15 Dec: Mr Mineshaft, Milton Jones Is Out There, Bananaman
Three To See on 13 Dec: Jayde Adams - Jayded, Breaking The Ice, Ugly Duckling
Three To See on 11 Dec: Spencer Jones – The Audition, All That Malarkey, Lucy McCormick – Triple Threat
Three To See on 9 Dec: A Christmas Carol, Parliament Square, Snow-Pocalypse – Friendship Never Melts
Three To See on 8 Dec: The Bearpit, A Night Of Small Things, Rob Kemp – The Elvis Dead
Three To See on 7 Dec: Callisto – A Queer Epic, Kai Humphries – Punch Drunk, Bromance
Three To See on 5 Dec: Ajax, Tom Goodliffe's Coffee Run, Beans
Three To See on 4 Dec: Pecs – The 80s Show, Adam Riches – The Beakington Town Hall Meetings, Thirty Christmases
Three To See on 30 Nov: Once Upon A Snowflake, Police Cops In Space, Muvvahood
Three To see on 29 Nov: Elf Lyons – Swan, Garrett Millerick – The Devil's Advocate, Odessa Stories
Three To See on 28 Nov: Speaking Bodies, Phil Wang – Kinabalu, Christmas At Kew
Three To See on 27 Nov: Night's End, Good Girl, Stuart Goldsmith – Hell Week Year Two
Three To See on 24 Nov: King Tut – A Pyramid Panto, Bumper Blyton – The Improvised Adventure, Cinderella
Three To See on 23 Nov: Tom Stade – I Swear, Cinderella, Dan Antopolski – Return Of The Dan Antopolski
Three To See on 21 Nov: We Are The Lions Mr Manager!, Wild Bore, The End Of History
Three To See on 20 Nov: The Wunderkammer, Glass Splinters, Action At A Distance
Three To See on 19 Nov: Knock Knock, And Then The Rabbit Died, Thirty Christmases Fundraising Comedy Night
Three To See on 18 Nov: The Rake's Progress, Catriona Knox – Adorable Deplorable, The Coolidge Effect
Three To See on 17 Nov: Prince Of Fire, Anna Mann's Late Night Cheese And Sex Party, Tom And Bunny Save The World