Recommended comedy shows

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Three To See on 26 Aug: Train Journey, The Battle Of Frogs and Mice, Who Killed Franz Ferdinand
Three To See on 25 Aug: Regenerate, Lydia Hirst – I'll Be Your Dog, Silk Road (How To Buy Drugs Online)
Three To See on 24 Aug: Xerse, Around The Block, Sam Fletcher – Live In Tufnell Park
Three To See on 23 Aug: Jarlath Regan – Organ Freeman, We Should Know Better, Joe Jacobs - Cracker
Three To See on 21 Aug: Replay, Into The Deep, Izzy Mant – Polite Club
Three To See on 20 Aug: Anthony Jeselnik – Funny Games, Remote, Elephant Steps
Three To See on 16 Aug: Mosaic, Tom Binns Is Unbelievable, Fourth Monkey’s Scandal Season – Bombshells
Three To See on 15 Aug: Piff The Magic Dragon and The Dog Who Knows, Bec Hill – I’ll Be Bec, Boxes
Three To See on 10 Aug: Busking It, Sh*t-faced Shakespeare, Your Kisses
Three To See on 9 Aug: The Improvised Shakespeare Company, Lucia Di Lammermoor, T2 Brainclotting
Three To See on 7 Aug: Julio Torres – My Favourite Shapes, Home For A Lost Soldier, The Prometheus Revolution
Three To See on 5 Aug: The Parentheticals – Improdyssey, Hymn To Love, Amy Howerska
Three To See on 2 Aug: Bring It On, Caroline Mabey Leaves The Room Slowly, For Reasons That Remain Unclear
Three To See on 1 Aug: The Exploded Circus, Luke Heggie – Triprat, Ardent8 - Sacrifice
Three To See on 30 Jul: How To Make Me Happy, Andrew Bird – Aloof, The Boatswain's Mate
Three To See on 29 Jul: Swing Sister Swing, Eat Sleep Shit Shag and Two Faced Bitchin, How Deep Is Your Duff
Three To See on 28 Jul: Finding Fassbender, Great British Mysteries – 1599?, Heather and Harry
Three To See on 23 Jul: Character Solos, Reading Gaol, Karunesh Talwar and Sumit Anand
Three To See on 22 Jul: Global Female Voices, Rosie Jones – Fifteen Minutes, Mr Burns – A Post Electric Play
Three To See on 20 Jul: Kin, Vessel, Carl Donnelly and Jacob Hawley