Recommended comedy shows

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Three To See on 24 Aug: Motherlogues, Tim Heidecker & Neil Hamburger, Fun At The Festival
Three To See on 22 Aug: Under The Skin, Matt Okine – We Made You, Paul F Taylor's Back
Three To See on 21 Aug: Il Letto, Late Company, Tania Edwards – Subject To Change
Three To See on 20 Aug: Fourth Monkey's Women Of Greece, Pilgrimmage, Clare Plested
Three To See on 18 Aug: Don't Blame The Bankers... $toopid, Aunty Donna – Big Boys, Brett Goldstein – What Is Love Baby Don't Hurt Me
Three To See on 16 Aug: Samson and Delilah, Dirty Tap Funk, Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Do Shakespeare
Three To See on 14 Aug: Xi Xiang Ji (Romance Of The West Chamber), James Veitch – Dot Con (and some extra bits), The Lost World
Three To See on 11 Aug: The Monk and The Lotus, Dancehall Sweethearts, zaZu Part II – A Fete Worse Than Death
Three To See on 10 Aug: Thea-Skot That Loving Feeling, Kiki's Delivery Service, Coming Clean
Three To See on 2 Aug: Boom, Luke Heggie - Rough Diamante, Daniel Simonsen – No Net
Three To See on 30 Jul: Rob Broderick – The Musical In My Mind, Screwed, Just To Get Married
Three To See on 29 Jul: The Living River, The Concrete Jungle Book, The Noise Next Door's Really Really Good Afternoon Show
Three To See on 28 Jul: Half Breed, Sleeping Trees, Samantha Baines
Three To See on 23 Jul: Tanguera, The Borrowers, Good Vibes
Three To See on 22 Jul: Curtain Twitchen, Abi Roberts – Anglichanka, Mortified Live
Three To See on 20 Jul: White, Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown, John Robertson – Arena Spectacular
Three To See on 16 Jul: Lovecraft, Fall Of Duty, By All Accounts Two Normal Girls
Three To See on 15 July: Asperger's Are Us, We Live By The Sea, Richard III
Three To See on 12 Jul: Bring Your Own Baby Comedy, The Believers Are But Brothers, Boys Club
Three To See on 11 Jul: The Weir, The Cloak & Dagger Club – Great British Mysteries?, Heroines