Recommended festival shows

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Three To See on 15 Oct: Bones, London Horror Festival, Miniaturists 65
Three To See on 10 Oct: Maiden Voices, The End Of Hope, Jump Out Of Skin
Three To See on 21 Sep: Zeraffa Giraffa, Ramona Tells Jim, Brixton City Festival
Three To See on 16 Sep: Laura Davis – Cake In The Rain, The Fems, Slave/Master
Three To See on 12 Sep: Bullish, Testosterone, Staged – The Colour Of The Sun
Three To See on 23 Aug: Windows, Mrs Oscar Wilde, Richard III
Three To See on 18 Aug: Don't Blame The Bankers... $toopid, Aunty Donna – Big Boys, Brett Goldstein – What Is Love Baby Don't Hurt Me
Three To See on 16 Jul: Lovecraft, Fall Of Duty, By All Accounts Two Normal Girls
Three To See on 25 May: Regional Room - Sebastian HW / Charlotte Blackburn, The Last Word, Chummy
Three To See on 18 May: London Burlesque Festival Opening Gala, Casus – Driftwood, Macbetti
Three To See on 4 Feb: We Are Brontë, A Hundred Different Words For Love, Happily Never After
Three To See on 16 Jan: The Parachute & Watch The Ball, Brennan Reece - Everglow, The 2017 London Jam
Three To see on 11 Jan: The Tempest, Just An Ordinary Lawyer, Here Lies Shakespeare
Three To See on 13 Dec: Josie Long Hosts Christmas This Year, The Collective Project 2016, Christmas
Three To See on 20 Nov: Swing By Around 8, Tonight With Donny Stixx, The Other Place
Three To See on 3 Nov: Book Story, The Royale, Voila!
Three To See on 23 Oct: Laughing Stock, The Haunting Of Exham Priory, Vegfest
Three To See On 10 Oct: London Horror Festival, Tumble Tuck, Fraser Millward - Wasteland
Three To See on 7 Oct: This Place We Know, Acorn, This Little Life Of Mine
Three To See on 29 Sep: Fagin's Twist , Cream Pie, Chris McCausland – Jesus Was Married And Look How It Turned Out for Him