Recommended festival shows

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Threes To See 23-29 Apr: Opening This Week, Classic Stagings, Contemporary Pieces, Short Runs, Even Shorter Runs, Even Even Shorter Runs
Threes To See 9-15 Apr: Opening This Week, Ending Soon, Short Runs, Three Comedy Shows
Threes To See 19-25 Mar: Opening This Week, Short Runs, Homegrown Festival – Occupy, Comical Treats
Threes To See 5-11 Mar: Opening this week, Festival Of Rest & Resistance, One nighters, Vault Festival picks
Threes To See 29 Jan-4 Feb 2019: Vault Festival Theatre, Vault Festival Comedy, Musical Shows, Theatre Ending Soon
Threes To See 22-28 Jan 2019: Theatre, Stand Up, Vault Festival, London International Mime Festival
Three To See on 12 Nov: Lands, Look At Me, “Does This Work” With Sara Barron
Three To See on 11 Nov: The Wallflower And Other Stories, Untold Stories New Writing Festival, No Direction Home – Pizza Shop Heroes
Three To See on 9 Nov: Tony Law – A Lost Show, Unbelonger, Gilded Butterflies
Three To See on 8 Nov: Vessel, No Direction Home – Refuge Woman, The Pit And The Pendulum
Three To See on 7 Nov: Emerge Festival 2018, Lest We Forget, No Direction Home – Heard
Three To See on 6 Nov: Not I, On Missing, Best Of the Fest – Zoo
Three To See on 3 Nov: No Direction Home – The Cocoa Butter Club, Adrift, The Greater Game
Three To See on 2 Nov: No Direction Home – Some Day Dominion, Brexit, Bury The Dead
Three To See on 28 Oct: No Direction Home - The Dirty Word, Stunning Meara, Juliet Burton – The Butterfly Effect
Three To See on 26 Oct: No Direction Home - Adventures In Black and White, Silk Road, Boundaries
Three To See on 24 Oct: Forgotten, No Direction Home – Zugunruhe, Going Places
Three To See on 8 Oct: The Paradise Circus, (No) Leaves On My Precious Self, Relativity – The Einstein Musical
Three To See on 14 Sep: Brixton City Festival, Garry Starr Performs Everything, Eris
Three To See on 26 Aug: Train Journey, The Battle Of Frogs and Mice, Who Killed Franz Ferdinand