Recommended festival shows

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Three To See on 23 Jun: Pat Cahill - The Fisherman, Infinite Joy, Estamos Presente
Three To See on 19 Jun: Jade Anouka Poetry, Roman Candle, The Croydon Avengers
Three To See on 18 Jun: MacBeth, I Knew You, Crick Crack Club – Crow Blood Snow
Three To See on 15 Jun: In Search Of Dinozord, Mamzer Bastard, Last Night I Met You Dreaming
Three To See on 13 Jun: Pundemonium! Live, Monogamy, Finishing The Picture
Three To See on 22 May: The Biograph Girl, Science Fiction Double Feature, Obama And Me
Three To See on 9 May: Secrets Of The Bluestockings, A Festival Of Korean Dance, Engine Brake
Three To See on 4 May: Woke, World Without Us, Stunning Meara
Three To See on 24 Apr: Broken, Big Bang – Common People, Bismillah! (An Isis Tragicomedy)
Three To See on 23 Apr: The Castle Builder, Faceless, Unrestricted View Film Festival
Three To See on 22 Apr: Bufo Bufo, Natalie Inside Out, Thomfoolery
Three To See on 14 Apr: The Selfish Giant, Sarab, Tiddler and Other Terrific Tales
Three To See on 4 Apr: The Adventures Of The Bearded Lady, Staged, Black
Three To See on 24 Mar: Michael Rosen's Chocolate Cake, Stuart Goldsmith et al, Only Speak When Spoken to
Three To See on 20 Mar: Our Big Love Story, Clonely, Three Sisters
Three To See on 18 Mar: Juniper and Jules, LOVE?! A Catastrophic 21st Century Guide on Relationships, Gráinne Maguire
Three To See on 16 Mar: The Others, This Restless State, Matt Winning – Filibuster
Three To See on 14 Mar: The Woman Who Gave Birth To A Goat, Great Apes, The Dirty Thirty
Three To See on 12 Mar: Shanter, The Search For A Black Browed Albatross, Suzi Ruffell – Keeping It Classy
Three To See on 5 Mar: Sprint 2018 Big Bang #1, Superman and Me and A Festival Of Other Loves In Crisis