Recommended film events

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Three To See 20-26 Aug: Runs Starting This Week, Short Runs, Camden Fringe
Three To See on 23 Apr: The Castle Builder, Faceless, Unrestricted View Film Festival
Three To See on 25 Feb: Europe On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown, Garrett Millerick, Jordan Brookes and Dan Antopolski work-in-progress
Three To See on 12 Jan: Mathieu Geffré Dance – Act, Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival, The Mitfords
Three To See on 21 Dec: Sing-A-Long-A-Muppets Christmas Carol, Misalliance, Rapunzel
Three To See on 2 Sep: Paradiso – Man's Enduring Search For Perfection, Little Wing Film Festival Shorts 2, The Dark Stone
Three To See on 14 Aug: Xi Xiang Ji (Romance Of The West Chamber), James Veitch – Dot Con (and some extra bits), The Lost World
Three To See on 25 Jun: My Name Is Swan, Waiting For Charlie, 12 Million Volts
Three To See on 22 Jun: Refugee Week Double Bill, Abigoliah Schamaun – Namaste Bitches, Mad Mad Sad Woman
Three To See on 24 Apr: Sari – The Whole Five Yards, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Unrestricted View Film Festival
Three To See on 19 Jul: Watching Glory Die, An Evening With An Immigrant, Dirty Dancing
Three To See on 19 Jun: Karagula, Monsters For Monsters, Piece Of Silk
Three To See on 22 Apr: Shakespeare Reloaded weekender, May Contain Food, For All Time
Three To See on 6 Mar: Don't Smoke In Bed, Megha, Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
Three To See on 17 Jan: Whose London Film Night, Fear And Misery Of The Third Reich, The Sexes
Three To See on 8 Jan: London Short Film Festival, Nine Lives, Richard III
Three To See on 7 Dec: Hangmen, A Christmas Carol, It's A Wonderful Life
Three To See on 31 Oct: He Had Hairy Hands, Chills In The Chapel, The Scary Halloween Show
Three To See on 23 Oct: London Fields Free Film Festival, AH/HA, Affordable Art Fair
Three To See on 7 Oct: Dark and Lovely, London Film Festival, Political Mother: The Choreographer's Cut