Recommended gigs and concerts

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Three To See on 25 Jul: Nassim, The Marriage Of Kim K, The Girls From Oz
Three To See on 17 Jul: Lady Rizo – Red White and Indigo, Sheep, Edinburgh previews at Theatre503
Three To See on 5 Jul: The Scar Test, Low Lily, Instructions For American Servicemen In Britain
Three To See on 7 Jun: Infinity Pool, Tricity Vogue's All Girl Swing Band, If And When
Three To See on 1 Jun: The Pearl Harts et al, Combustion, One Item Only
Three To See on 18 Apr: Laugh Out London at The Antelope, Taival, Cuncrete
Three To See on 4 Apr: Seymour Mace – Shit Title, New 2017, Le Gateau Chocolat – Black
Three To See on 2 Apr: Dillie Keane, Bard Heads, The Poetry Of Exile
Three To See on 29 Mar: Ivy Davies – Play Ground, Our Carnal Hearts, Shirley & Shirley
Three To see on 17 Mar: The Fall, Cabinet of Curiosities: Did you Get That From Your Mother?, She’Koyokh - ‘First Dance on Second Avenue’ Album Launch
Three To See on 1 March: Celebration Florida, Wanna Dance With Somebody! Or, A Guide To Managing Social Anxiety Using Theoretical Physics, Langston Hughes - Dreams Deferred
Three To See on 28 Feb: A Place Called Happiness, Handbagged, Art Sung – Alma Mahler
Three To See on 18 Feb: Knock2Bag at Rich Mix, Black, A Haunting
Three To See on 17 Feb: The Castle Builder, Good Dog, Megan Ford – Feminasty
Three To See on 5 Feb: Simon Caine -  Laughter Is The Best Placebo, Dubailand, Litha and Effy Efthymiou: Rituals to Mould her with
Three To See on 30 Jan: Suzi Ruffell – Common, Susie Yousseff – Check Youseff Before You Wreck Yousseff, Cautionary Tales For Daughters
Three To See on 29 Jan: We Wanted To Be The Sky, Cautionary Kate, Word/Play
Three To See on 27 Jan: Ashes, Guitar Multiverse, Listen To The Reed – Rumi Through Words and Music
Three To See on 19 Jan: Top Trumps, Stuart McCallum and Mike Walker - The Space Between, Colin Hoult
Three To See on 7 Jan: The Nutcracker, National Youth Orchestra Of Great Britain – Totally Teenage, The Twentieth Century Way