Recommended gigs and concerts

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Threes To See 16-22 Jul: Shows From Casa Festival, Shows Starting This Week, Longer Runs Starting This Week, Short Stops
Threes To See 9-15 Jul: Runs Starting This Week, Short Runs, Shows At Playmill
Threes To See 7-13 May: Longish Runs Starting This Week, Shorter Runs Starting This Week, One Night Stands
Threes To See 23-29 Apr: Opening This Week, Classic Stagings, Contemporary Pieces, Short Runs, Even Shorter Runs, Even Even Shorter Runs
Threes To See 12-18 Mar: Opening this week, Short runs, One nighters at Sprint, Vault Festival
Threes To See 5-11 Mar: Opening this week, Festival Of Rest & Resistance, One nighters, Vault Festival picks
Threes To See 29 Jan-4 Feb 2019: Vault Festival Theatre, Vault Festival Comedy, Musical Shows, Theatre Ending Soon
Three To See on 13 Dec: Kayla MacQuarrie – Traumatised, A Very English Christmas With Tenebrae, Rapunzel
Three To See on 6 Dec: Cinderella And The Beanstalk, The Rave Space, Chasing Bono
Three To See on 19 Oct: [F.E.A.R.], My Love Lies Frozen In The Ice, Startin' Point Festival
Three To See on 18 Oct: The Distance You Have Come, The Chief, John Lewis – Never Knowingly Undertweeted
Three To See on 13 Oct: One Life Stand, D-Code, Things We Chose To Save
Three To See on 20 Sep: Point of Echoes, The Sword Of Alex, Jazz Jamaica All Stars – 50 Years Of Trojan Records
Three To See on 10 Aug: Busking It, Sh*t-faced Shakespeare, Your Kisses
Three To See on 29 Jul: Swing Sister Swing, Eat Sleep Shit Shag and Two Faced Bitchin, How Deep Is Your Duff
Three To See on 18 Jul: Sod's Law, Honey, Cherry Blossom
Three To See on 12 Jul: Bowjangles – The Legend Of Excalibow, Banana Crabtree Simon, Augmented
Three To See on 6 Jun: Undersong, The End Of History, The Yellow Wallpaper
Three To See on 5 Jun: Shadow Kingdoms, San Domino, Cafe Society Swing
Three To See on 2 Jun: London Klezmer Quartet, Rahul Kohli - Newcastle Brown Tales - Part II, Death Around the Corner, Offside