Recommended gigs and concerts

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Three To See on 2 Mar: Glass Roots, This Is Not Culturally Significant, Alternate Time Flows
Three To See on 22 Feb: Ali McGregor's Decadence, Foul Pages, Rejoicing At Her Wondrous Vulva The Young Woman Applauded Herself
Three To See on 17 Feb: Flamenco Festival, Dai Fujikura Portrait, Napoleon Disrobed
Three To See on 2 Feb: Medea Electronica, Angels With Dirty Accents, Masood Boomgaard – African Indian
Three To See on 11 Dec: Spencer Jones – The Audition, All That Malarkey, Lucy McCormick – Triple Threat
Three To See on 10 Dec: Winterreise, Scrooge And The Seven Dwarves, Cosmic Superheroes
Three To See on 8 Dec: The Bearpit, A Night Of Small Things, Rob Kemp – The Elvis Dead
Three To See on 6 Dec: Ingo's War, There But For The Grace Of God (Go I), Sinners Club
Three To See on 6 Nov: Edgar Allen Poe – The Haunted Place, Contractions, Mother Courage and Her Children
Three To See on 2 Nov: Trygve Vs A Baby, Busking It, Ugly Chief
Three To See on 23 Oct: Tricksterland, Billy Bragg & Friends, Geek Chic's Weird Science Presents: The Science Of Vampires
Three To See on 19 Oct: Kwaidan, Dance Like I've Got Diamonds, Fragments
Three To See on 18 Sep: The Horne Section, Fairy Tales For Grown-Ups – Eaten Father Eaten Mother, Mae Martin - Dope
Three To See on 25 Aug: Jagjit Arts presents ‘Rainmaker’, Jim Campbell, How To Die Of A Broken Heart
Three To See on 24 Aug: Motherlogues, Tim Heidecker & Neil Hamburger, Fun At The Festival
Three To See on 21 Aug: Il Letto, Late Company, Tania Edwards – Subject To Change
Three To See on 4 Aug: Out Of Options, Making Waves – A Song Cycle, Not I
Three To See on 25 Jul: Nassim, The Marriage Of Kim K, The Girls From Oz
Three To See on 17 Jul: Lady Rizo – Red White and Indigo, Sheep, Edinburgh previews at Theatre503
Three To See on 5 Jul: The Scar Test, Low Lily, Instructions For American Servicemen In Britain