Recommended musicals

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Threes To See 19-25 Mar: Opening This Week, Short Runs, Homegrown Festival – Occupy, Comical Treats
Threes To See 26 Feb-4 Mar: Vault Festival treats, Comedy shows, Short runs starting this week, Three runs ending soon
Threes To See 19-25 Feb:  Comedy shows, Family shows, Shortish runs starting this week, Three longer runs starting this week
Threes To See 29 Jan-4 Feb 2019: Vault Festival Theatre, Vault Festival Comedy, Musical Shows, Theatre Ending Soon
Three To See on 10 Dec: Cinderella – A Wicked Mother Of A Night Out!, Sh!t Theatre's sing-a-long-a Muppet Christmas Carol, Essex Girl and Elina Alminas – Laura
Three To See on 5 Dec:  A Christmas Story - The Musical, The Night Before Christmas, Orpheus
Three To See on 25 Nov: Renaissance Men, Seussical, Showmanship
Three To See on 21 Nov: The Pirates Of Penzance, The Dark, Radiant Vermin
Three To See on 18 Nov: Hold, Caravan Of Dreams, The Mould That Changed The World
Three To See on 8 Oct: The Paradise Circus, (No) Leaves On My Precious Self, Relativity – The Einstein Musical
Three To See on 5 Oct: The Art Of Gaman, Liberty Rides Forth!, The Sweet Science Of Bruising
Three To See on 16 Sep: Mount Vernon, Trump The Musical, Bismillah – An Isis Tragicomedy
Three To See on 23 Jun: Pat Cahill - The Fisherman, Infinite Joy, Estamos Presente
Three To See on 7 Jun: The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives,  Cyst-er Act, I Am Of Ireland
Three To See on 5 Jun: Shadow Kingdoms, San Domino, Cafe Society Swing
Three To See on 31 May: The Rink, Conquest, Stitchers
Three To See on 22 May: The Biograph Girl, Science Fiction Double Feature, Obama And Me
Three To See on 21 Apr: Stories From Around The World, Mayfly, Free Solo
Three To See on 10 Apr: Rob Auton – The Hair Show, Buried – A New Musical, 5 Encounters On A Site Called Craigslist
Three To See on 26 Mar: Is This Thing On?, Glass Splinters, A Spoonful Of Sherman